それぞれの日々 — One_Place,One_Scene.
Each of Their Every Day — One_Place,One_Scene.
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The next morning, Kamijou Touma went to the hospital not as a patient, but to visit. However, upon entering Shirai Kuroko's room, he found her changing and received an electrically charged slap from Misaka Mikoto in return. Next, he went to visit Misaka 10032, who also happened to be naked in her incubation tube. She didn't mind, but Index did and bit him. He sits in the recreation area, and Index asked him what happened after saving Shirai. He replies that he came upon a scene where all of the windows of the buildings were broken, there were shattered remains of a suitcase, and an unconscious girl lying on a roof. It seemed that some mysterious person helped them out.

In a nearby room, Accelerator is lying in bed, while Last Order is babbling away. She says that Yomikawa Aiho had to go out of the city the previous night to destroy an organization called 'Science Society' who was trying to steal the Tree Diagram remnant, and came back early in the morning. Accelerator complains that he also came back early in the morning, but Last Order takes that as an invitation to try to wake him up. When he starts yelling at her for making him hurt himself and do all the work, she retaliates by cutting off his language processing from the Misaka Network. Accelerator then wrapped Last Order up in his blankets, with Last Order exclaiming what is he planning with that mean look on his face.

Back in Shirai's room, Misaka roughly forces a struggling Shirai back into bed. Shirai tells her to in return give her an apple carved into the shape of a rabbit, because the guy who came in earlier probably likes more domesticated girls better, and Misaka takes her suggestion seriously, but then Shirai realizes about Mikoto's crush and jumps up to hug her. They stop arguing for a moment, and Shirai tells Mikoto not to worry about her getting involved again, but to herself she decides to do all she can to protect the world above her.

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