Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 09 was first published on April 10, 2006. It features once again the Roman Catholic Church as antagonists, represented by Lidvia Lorenzetti, as they try their nefarious plot during the Daihaseisai, forcing Touma to intervene. The novels marks the first time the story is separated in two parts, with the next novel continuing where this novel left off.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Academy City's largest school event, the Daihaseisai.

The event is an athletic festival that also doubles as a large-scale experiment for ability development institutions which aims to determine the effects of interactions between abilities.

Of course, Kamijou Touma is a participant. However, his "misfortune" is going strong, having his head gnawed on by a hungry Index, facing a lecture from Daihaseisai Committee member Fukiyose Seiri, and fighting against Misaka Mikoto in an ability contest.

In the middle of these events, a mysterious object, the "Stab Sword", is carried by a certain magician that infiltrates Academy City.

Oriana Thomson. a leading "courier" in the Magic side, also known as "Route Disturb", and her motives are...!

When science and magic collide, Kamijou Touma's story shall begin!


Prologue: Preparations Stage Seen From Third-Person — Parent's_View_Point.Edit

September 19 marks the first day of Academy City's largest athletic meet, the Daihaseisai.

Newcomers to Academy City, Kamijou Touya and Shiina arrive to look for their son Touma. By chance, they would soon meet a woman named Misaka Misuzu, Mikoto's mother. Shiina slowly develops a dark aura upon seeing her husband's friendly attitude towards Misuzu, only to calm down upon seeing Touma talking to what turns out to be Misaka Mikoto, the one Misuzu is looking for.

To their surprise, they are witnessing the start of an anything-goes punishment game between the two.

Chapter 1: Under the Blazing Sun from the Starting Signal — Commence_Hostilities.Edit

On England, Archbishop Laura Stuart of the Anglican Church holds an online meeting with the Superintendent of Academy City. The topic is about Oriana Thomson, a powerful magician that can elude being seen with ease, and Lidvia Lorenzetti, a "radical" member of the Roman Catholic Church; both are involved in bringing a powerful artifact called the "Stab Sword", a sword-shaped artifact that is rumored to slay any Saint with ease.

Meanwhile, Kamijou Touma finds himself in a roller coaster of events: bringing A Certain High School to victory, acting as Index's guardian, and being dragged for a Scavenger Hunt event by Misaka Mikoto. And as when things are settling down, he sees Stiyl Magnus and Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Touma has no idea that he will find himself in a Magic Side conflict once again.

Between the LinesEdit

The currently-recovering Shirai Kuroko is being assisted by Uiharu Kazari as they roam through the crowds. Since Kuroko was injured, she was not able to join the Daihaseisai, and is now forced to fulfill Judgment duties with Uiharu.

Kuroko soon gets the shock of her life when her "Onee-sama" is shown in a nearby television screen, helping out a certain teenage boy by wiping the sweat on his forehead.

Chapter 2: A Stadium of Magicians and Espers — "Stab_Sword."Edit

Touma discovers that there are magicians running loose in Academy City from Tsuchimikado and Stiyl Magnus. Fortunately, the target is not Index. Tsuchimikado's plan involves Touma taking Index away from any magical conflict that would ensue, while Stiyl and he will handle the magicians.

Things would go different than expected as Touma stumbles upon Oriana Thomson by chance. He begins a pursuit for the blonde onee-san from earlier with Tsuchimikado and Stiyl. A failed attempt at catching her would require Stiyl to perform a tracking spell, only to realize the extents of their target's abilities.

Chapter 3: Tactics of the Pursuers and Pursued — Worst_Counter.Edit

With Stiyl recovering from being hit by Oriana's counter-spell, Tsuchimikado and Touma head to the location of Oriana's "Shorthand": in the middle of the "Ball Tossing Contest". They sneak in the event and discover that their opponent would be Tokiwadai Middle School, led by none other than Misaka Mikoto.

A chaotic search for Oriana's trap begins in the middle of the Ball Tossing Event.

Touma manages to find the trap Oriana laid on the field and protects Mikoto from tripping it, but he found out that it was not the one they were looking for. Instead, there was someone else who activated Oriana's trap: Fukiyose Seiri, who faints instantly after contact with Oriana's spell card.

Between the LinesEdit

Seiri would later find herself waking up in a certain hospital. She was surprised to find herself in the hospital despite her preparations, but later becomes responsible for her current status.

She would then be taken to a hospital room, where a frog-faced doctor attends to her.

Chapter 4: Did the Battle End in Victory or Not? — Being_Unsettled.Edit

With Stiyl's help, Tsuchimikado and Touma trace Oriana's location to a train station in District 7, and they eventually reach her. However, Tsuchimikado becomes affected by one of Oriana's spells, so Touma faces Oriana Thomson alone. Touma endures Oriana's endless streak of randomized elemental spells and defeats Oriana in their first fight, but she escapes. What's alarming was that she did not have the Stab Sword with her in the first place.

Laura Stuart discovers the real identity of the Stab Sword and relays the information to Tsuchimikado and Stiyl. Nonetheless, the plan still stays with pursuing Oriana, although they now know that the magicians plan on using the Apostle's Cross to convert Academy City into Roman Catholic Church domain.

Meanwhile, Touma's parents meet up with Misaka Misuzu and her daughter Mikoto. The Rank 3 Level 5 becomes the topic as her punishment game with Touma is recalled. As the Kamijous invite the Misakas to lunch, they would encounter a blonde girl with a voluptuous figure.

They have no idea that it was the same person who is planning an attack on Academy City.

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A Certain Magical Index Volume 9
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel v09 cover

Date of Release November 15, 2016[2]
ISBN ISBN 978-0-316-35996-2[2]
Number of Pages 224 pages
The Daihasei Festival--a huge athletics festival attended by every school in Academy City, where the superpowered students attending these institutions gather to compete in a wide variety of competitions. And of course, Touma Kamijou is participating. His terrible luck is still in full effect--he's gnawed on by a famished Index, castigated by a representative of the festival management committee, and zapped mid-competition by none other than Mikoto Misaka. But Academy city's about to have a much bigger problem--and her name is Oriana Thomson.