Chapter 2
魔術師と能力者の競技場 — "Stab_Sword."
A Stadium of Magicians and Espers — "Stab_Sword."
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Touma discovers that there are magicians running loose in Academy City from Tsuchimikado and Stiyl Magnus. Fortunately, the target is not Index. Tsuchimikado's plan involves Touma taking Index away from any magical conflict that would ensue, while Stiyl and he will handle the magicians.

Things would go different than expected as Touma stumbles upon Oriana Thomson by chance. He begins a pursuit for the blonde onee-san from earlier with Tsuchimikado and Stiyl. A failed attempt at catching her would require Stiyl to perform a tracking spell, only to realize the extents of their target's abilities.

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Index v09 128

Well, even if they did this inside, he would have waled into that as well.

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Touma bumps into the target.

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