Chapter 3
追う者と逃げる者の戦略 — Worst_Counter.
Tactics of the Pursuers and Pursued — Worst_Counter.
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With Stiyl recovering from being hit by Oriana's counterspell, Tsuchimikado and Touma head to the location of Oriana's "Shorthand": in the middle of the "Ball Tossing Contest". They sneak in the event and discover that their opponent would be Tokiwadai Middle School, led by none other than Misaka Mikoto. A chaotic search for Oriana's trap begins in the middle of the Ball Tossing Event.

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Index v09 224-225

Searching for a mine in a war zone.

Index v09 237

Despite trying to kill him, Touma saves Mikoto from together.

Touma manages to find the trap Oriana laid on the field and protects Mikoto from tripping it, but he found out that it was not the one they were looking for. Instead, there was someone else who activated Oriana's trap: Fukiyose Seiri, who faints instantly after contact with Oriana's spell card.

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Seiri would later find herself waking up in a certain hospital. She was surprised to find herself in the hospital despite her preparations, but later becomes responsible for her current status.

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