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Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 11 was first published on October 10, 2006. It continues the Roman Catholic Church's role as antagonists. It is the first volume that introduces a member of God's Right Seat and begins the first long overarching story cycle in the series, God's Right Seat Arc.

Publisher's Summary

"Ah—the results of the customer number is out; your number got the top prize. The prize is a seven-day five-night trip-for-two to Northern Italy. Congratulations!!"

The last day of the Daihaseisai. A boy who has an embarrassing amount of misfortune, Kamijou Touma, wins a pair of tickets to a vacation abroad.

In an unexpected streak of good luck, Touma and Index's spirits reaches its climax. Also, the stage is the Adriatic Sea, where the "City of Water", the main island of Venice, floats by. Will the long-awaited Italian vacation become a love event!?

When Kamijou Touma and Lady Luck cross paths, the story shall begin!


  • Prologue: The Trip to Northern Italy — Un_Viaggio_in_Italia.
  • Chapter 1: The Streets of Chioggia — Il_Vento_di_Chioggia.
  • Chapter 2: The Preparations for Going to London — Un_Frammento_di_un_Piano.
  • Chapter 3: Aboard the Capital of Water's Vessel — Il_Mare_e_la_Sconfitta.
  • Chapter 4: Fireboats and a Battle of Gunfire — Lotte_di_Liberazione.
  • Chapter 5: Queen of the Adriatic Sea — La_Regina_del_Mare_Adriático.
  • Epilogue: Return to Academy City — L'inizio_Nuovo······.


Localized Releases


어떤 마술의 금서목록 11
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v11 Korean cover.jpg
Release Date 한국어 July 10, 2008[2]
ISBN-13 한국어 ISBN 978-89-252-6870-5
Number of Pages 345 pages
“음―, ‘방문자수 넘버스’의 결과, 당신의 지정숫자는 일등상, 멋지게 당첨되셨습니다!

상품은 ‘북부 이탈리아 5박 7일 페어 여행’, 축하드립니다!!”
대패성제 마지막 날. ‘불행’하다는 것밖에 자랑할 게 없는 남자 카미조 토우마가
놀랍게도 해외여행 페어 티켓에 당첨되었다.
생각지도 못하게 찾아온 행운에 카미조와 인덱스의 흥분은 최고조.
그리고 무대는 아드리아 해에 떠 있는 ‘물의 도시’ 베네치아 본섬으로!
동경하던 이탈리아 바캉스에는 두근두근★러브 이벤트도 있을지도?!
카미조 토우마와 행운의 여신이 교차할 때, 이야기는 시작된다――!


A Certain Magical Index Volume 11
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel v11 cover.jpg
Release Date English May 23, 2017[3]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-0-316-36001-2
Number of Pages 240 pages
Now that the Daihasei Festival has ended, life returns to normal for the boy who knows nothing but misfortune, Touma Kamjiou. But in a stroke of unbelievably good luck, Kamijou manages to snag two tickets for a getaway overseas trip! He and the sister, Index, make their way to pearl of the Adriatic, Venezia, where maybe the two will even have romantic rendezvous and many heart throbbing events. But is everything really going Kamijou's way, or is there something more to this too-good-to-be-true adventure...


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