Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 11 was first published on October 10, 2006. It continues the Roman Catholic Church's role as antagonists. It is the first volume that introduces a member of God's Right Seat and begins the first long overarching story cycle in the series, God's Right Seat Arc.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

"Ah—the results of the customer number is out; your number got the top prize. The prize is a seven-day five-night trip-for-two to Northern Italy. Congratulations!!"

The last day of the Daihaseisai. A boy who has an embarrassing amount of misfortune, Kamijou Touma, wins a pair of tickets to a vacation abroad.

In an unexpected streak of good luck, Touma and Index's spirits reaches its climax. Also, the stage is the Adriatic Sea, where the "City of Water", the main island of Venice, floats by. Will the long-awaited Italian vacation become a love event!?

When Kamijou Touma and Lady Luck cross paths, the story shall begin!


Prologue: The Trip to Northern Italy — Un_Viaggio_in_Italia.Edit

With affairs regarding Oriana finally settled, Kamijou Touma's misfortune guides him through the rest of the Daihaseisai. Although surprisingly, his streak of bad luck stopped when he won a ticket for two in Northern Italy. Despite worries of any traps awaiting him in his supposed vacation, Touma takes along Index for the seven-day five-night vacation.

Chapter 1: The Streets of Chioggia — Il_Vento_di_Chioggia.Edit

Touma chooses to visit Venice among the possible itineraries in Northern Italy, and would be going with a tour guide in a tour around Venice. However, since they were unable to contact the tour guides, they decide to travel to their hotel room in Chioggia. On their way, Index suddenly disappears, and Touma stumbles upon Orsola Aquinas in his search of Index.

It turns out that Orsola is preparing to move her things to London after being integrated into the Anglican Church, and that the Amakusa Christians are helping her into the task. After discovering that Index finds her way into Orsola, the newly-converted nun invites Touma over for some lunch.

Between the LinesEdit

Sisters Lucia and Angelene attempt and escape from their supposed punishment after their failure to dispose of Orsola Aquinas. Although they were successful in getting away at first, they were easily apprehended due to special properties integrated into their clothing. They are soon returned to the "queen" after their failed escape.

Chapter 2: The Preparations for Going to London — Un_Frammento_di_un_Piano.Edit

Upon Touma's arrival at Orsola's old home in Chioggia, he is welcomed by a self-indulging Index and a group of Amakusa Christians gossiping about his astounding deeds, including seeing Kanzaki Kaori naked and surviving it. Touma did not have the time to react to it as he is taken into the table for a hearty lunch. After that, Touma and Index decide to help out in preparing her things for the move to London. Hilarity ensues when Touma gets into a bathroom commotion with Orsola and Index.

At nightfall, everything has been put into boxes, and the Amakusa head off to London to ship her things. Orsola decides to say goodbye to Chioggia, but it was interrupted by an assassination attempt targeted at Orsola. Touma and Index manage to thwart the attempt, but soon witness a ship made of ice emerge from the canal beneath them.

Orsola and Touma are taken into the ship as it hoists itself into the water, and before long, they would notice that a fleet of similar ships are now deployed in the Adriatic Sea.

Between the LinesEdit

A few weeks before the events in Chioggia, Agnese Sanctis was taken by carriage to someplace. As she conversed to the driver of the carriage, she reminisced on the places she had gone before.

Their conversation would end when Agnese reaches the Queen of the Adriatic Sea.

Chapter 3: Aboard the Capital of Water's Vessel — Il_Mare_e_la_Sconfitta.Edit

Touma and Orsola head inside the ice ship to elude their pursuers. They would soon encounter Agnese Sanctis in their hiding spot, and she agrees to help in exchange for rescuing Sisters Lucia and Angelene. Agnese would later fill them up with information regarding the nature of the ice ship fleet, collectively called "The Queen's Fleet".

As Index asks help to a certain force, Touma and Orsola take on the defenses of the Queen's Fleet. They soon discover that Lucia and Angelene have improvised an escape route, and that the spell called "The Rosary of the Appointed Time" requires Agnese Sanctis to be used.

Then suddenly, the ship Touma and the nuns boarded sink to the sea under the bombardment of the rest of the fleet.

Between the LinesEdit

Agnese's life as an orphaned child was revisited.

She was born in Milan and at an early age, was scavenging for food in its bustling streets. She was soon taken in by the Roman Catholic Church, and became friends with French-born Angelene and Lucia. As she makes friends with fellow nuns of the Roman Catholic Church, she discovers her mission in life: to protect her friends, whom she sees as blessings.

Chapter 4: Fireboats and a Battle of Gunfire — Lotte_di_Liberazione.Edit

Agnese confronts the commander of the fleet, Bishop Biagio Busoni, and he talks about incoming plans for Agnese as the needed piece for the "Rosary of the Appointed Time" spell. She would later discover that the ship where Touma is located is now a wreck, and someone else has rescued them.

Touma would discover that he is saved by the Amakusa, who are asked to help by Index. He also finds out that he "accidentally" saved Lucia and Angelene by destroying the clothes that restrain them throughout the voyage.

Soon the Amakusas' leader Tatemiya Saiji discusses their next move while having a dinner in Sottomarina. After Saiji decides on the strategy used, they prepare for an attack at the Queen's Fleet, a plan that imitates a decisive battle between the navies of Britain and Spain in the past.

The Queen's Fleet instantly detects the incoming Amakusa fleet, but were taken by surprise as the fireboats that Saiji prepared blast through the fleet. A chaotic scene unfolds as the captive Agnese Forces face the attackers, and Sisters Lucia and Angelene make their sacrifices for the mission.

Between the LinesEdit

Angelene recollects the moments after she put her life in peril for her fellow sisters. Her final words were a wish for someone to save them from the darkness; after muttering those words, she loses her consciousness.

Chapter 5: Queen of the Adriatic Sea — La_Regina_del_Mare_Adriático.Edit

The Amakusa, Touma, Orsola and Index continue on their advance towards the flagship. Saiji decides to hold the enemy defense while Touma and the two nuns barge into the flagship's interior decks. Their advance, however, was not unopposed as numerous ice golems pursue them inside. Touma would soon split from Index and Orsola, and Touma would have to face Biagio Busoni alone.

Touma is forced to flee from Biagio's relentless assault, but eventually carries the full weight of Biagio's cross. Meanwhile, Orsola and Index reach the room where Agnese is located. Index decides to act as bait for the ice golems, and Orsola enters the room where the Rosary of the Appointed Time will be activated. She will soon be joined by Bishop Biagio, who seems to have taken take of a certain boy.

Biagio would also soon reveal the intentions behind the "Rosary of the Appointed Time", as a spell to be used to remove the targeting limits of the "Queen of the Adriatic Sea", thus allowing the "Queen" to be used on Academy City. Biagio would soon attack Orsola and Agnese for showing insubordination, but the attacks would be stopped by none other than Kamijou Touma.

Touma confronts Biagio after the Bishop activates the spell's self-destruct sequence. As Orsola and Agnese flee from the battlefield, Touma prepares to fight Biagio again.

Epilogue: Return to Academy City — L'inizio_Nuovo…….Edit

Kamijou Touma has defeated Biagio Busoni and sank the Queen of the Adriatic Sea's flagship. However, with the extent of his injuries, the Frog-faced Doctor is forced to make a decision: to take Touma back to Academy City. He is also reminded of the punishment game he has to play with Misaka Mikoto.

That spells the end of his vacation in Italy.

On England, Tsuchimikado Motoharu checks up on Kanzaki Kaori. After dropping the line on him due to his suggestion of wearing a "Fallen-Angel Ero-Maid Outfit" for Touma, she welcomes back her roommate Orsola, who brings along Agnese Sanctis as a new roommate.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Roman Catholic Church is more tense. With the failure of Biagio Busoni the topic, a woman clad in yellow and an elderly man — the Pope himself — talk about future actions after the destruction of one of the Roman Catholic Church's primary artifacts.

The woman-in-yellow soon hands over a document, a decree proclaiming Kamijou Touma as the Church's primary enemy.

Localized ReleasesEdit


어떤 마술의 금서목록 11
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v11 Korean cover
Release Date 한국어 July 10, 2008[2]
ISBN-13 한국어 ISBN 978-89-252-6870-5
Number of Pages 345 pages
“음―, ‘방문자수 넘버스’의 결과, 당신의 지정숫자는 일등상, 멋지게 당첨되셨습니다!

상품은 ‘북부 이탈리아 5박 7일 페어 여행’, 축하드립니다!!”
대패성제 마지막 날. ‘불행’하다는 것밖에 자랑할 게 없는 남자 카미조 토우마가
놀랍게도 해외여행 페어 티켓에 당첨되었다.
생각지도 못하게 찾아온 행운에 카미조와 인덱스의 흥분은 최고조.
그리고 무대는 아드리아 해에 떠 있는 ‘물의 도시’ 베네치아 본섬으로!
동경하던 이탈리아 바캉스에는 두근두근★러브 이벤트도 있을지도?!
카미조 토우마와 행운의 여신이 교차할 때, 이야기는 시작된다――!


A Certain Magical Index Volume 11
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel v11 cover
Release Date English May 23, 2017[3]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-0-316-36001-2[3]
Number of Pages 240 pages
Now that the Daihasei Festival has ended, life returns to normal for the boy who knows nothing but misfortune, Touma Kamjiou. But in a stroke of unbelievably good luck, Kamijou manages to snag two tickets for a getaway overseas trip! He and the sister, Index, make their way to pearl of the Adriatic, Venezia, where maybe the two will even have romantic rendezvous and many heart throbbing events. But is everything really going Kamijou's way, or is there something more to this too-good-to-be-true adventure...



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