Chapter 1
午前中授業のひだまり Winter_Clothes.
Sunny Morning Classes — Winter_Clothes.
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Index v12 023

Fukiyose Seiri's rebuttal to the Delta Force.

September 30 begins, and Kamijou Touma manages to skip the chaos that is the seasonal uniform change due to some advanced planning. Although he needs to go to class because of this, Touma doesn't have to worry about being bored, since Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce are there — and arguing over a shoulder massager advertisement. Then, Fukiyose Seiri becomes involved in the three idiots' commotion. A whole world of pain soon followed for the three, which not even their teacher Tsukuyomi Komoe could stop.

Elsewhere, the Frog-Faced Doctor is handling the uniform orders for four of Misaka Mikoto's clones. Serial Numbers 10032, 13577, 10039 and 19090 are there to attend a session for gathering their body measurements, and the first three soon discover that 19090 is hiding something: it looks like she is trying to win over a certain teenager by losing weight.

Index v12 068

The Archbishop's charm is highly ineffective.

While a Radio Noise Clone is jumped by three of her fellow clones, Accelerator and Last Order finally received the permission to leave the hospital. They are accompanied by Yoshikawa Kikyou, who plans on bringing them to Yomikawa Aiho's apartment as their new home. Accelerator tries to talk Yomikawa into reconsidering her plans of sharing her home with him, but Yomikawa did not budge, much to his annoyance.

That afternoon, after a tense morning thanks to Fukiyose, Touma encounters Misaka Mikoto, who reminds him of the game that she won in the Daihaseisai: the penalty game. To Mikoto's surprise, Touma easily submits to her, only to give Shirai Kuroko, who just arrived, the shock of her life.

With that finally settled, Kamijou Touma's day ends with dinner over at Tsuchimikado's place.

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Stiyl Magnus storms into the residence of the Archbishop in Lambert Castle, interrupting Laura Stuart's moment to relax to confront her about a certain decision she made without his knowledge. Although it was quite a tense moment, Laura still manages to joke through the confrontation, which further ignited Stiyl's rage.

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