Chapter 2
バツゲームはどんな味? Pair_Contract.
What Kind of Penalty Game? — Pair_Contract.
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Mikoto patiently waits for Touma for their penalty game, but she has to take care of a few things first. Uiharu Kazari, who becomes interested to learn violin, asks Mikoto to teach her the basics, only to see Kuroko, who exposes Uiharu's plans to dump all the Judgment work to her.

Touma eventually arrives half an hour late and, considering that Mikoto arrived half an hour early than the planned time, he receives a mix of scolding and lightning bolts. Soon, they travel to their destination: the underground mall.

Meanwhile, Accelerator arrives at his new home, and he is guided by its owner Yomikawa Aiho inside. A short talk between Aiho and her friend Kikyou reveals their relationship as close friends, but neither Last Order nor Accelerator are interested in this certain detail; Last Order is too curious to their new home, while Accelerator is simply uninterested.

Mikoto drags Touma into the mall which was once the battlefield of Touma and Sherry Cromwell. Touma discovers that Mikoto is very interested in a specific Gekota accessory, and the only way to acquire it is to sign up for a mobile phone rental for lovers. Mikoto was at first uncomfortable at the thought of posing as lovers to get an exclusive Gekota accessory, she eventually pulled through... while Touma receives a sharp drop kick from Kuroko, who manages to tail the two.

Accelerator wakes up from a short nap, and he faces the reality that without the electrode attached to his neck, his life is entirely crippled. However, he decides to focus his mind elsewhere and goes to take a bath. He did not know that Aiho, Kikyou and Last Order are still inside the bathroom. Without a sliver of emotion on his face, he closes the door.

Several minutes after, Last Order is outside talking to Misaka Clone #10032. Last Order becomes interested with 10032's goggles and swipes it from the Misaka Clone. As Last Order disappears elsewhere, Misaka Clone 10032 declares war against Last Order.

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The female magicians of Necessarius face a difficult challenge in their dormitory in London's Lambeth District: properly operating an Academy City-made washing machine. While Sherry Cromwell suggests a more old-fashioned way of doing the laundry, Kanzaki Kaori decides to face the challenge head-on. At first, things run smoothly, but Kanzaki realizes that her obi (which is designed to be handwashed) is mixed with the laundry.

She tries to retrieve the obi from the washing machine, but she is drenched in laundry water instead.

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