Chapter 3
ミサカとミサカの妹と Sister_and_Sisters.
Misaka and Misaka's Younger Sister — Sister_and_Sisters.
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In a chance encounter after having separated from Misaka Mikoto, Touma meets Misaka Clone #10032. He listens to 10032 as she comes to the mall looking for a "small version of her". Meanwhile, Accelerator catches wind of what happened to Last Order, and plans to head off, not until Aiho gives him an idea on where to look.

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Misaka Imouto stakes her claim on a certain boy is stronger than the Original.

Touma soon finds himself calming down a pissed Misaka Imouto by buying her a cheap accessory and treating her to a set of chick-shapred taiyaki. (It turns out that Misaka Imouto wants to receive a ring from Touma.) More misunderstandings followed between the two of them, and Touma ends up failing in cheering up Misaka Imouto.

The original Misaka Mikoto soon joins 10032 and Touma and she demands an explanation from the two. Soon, 10032 boldly shows Mikoto the gift she received from Touma while clinging to Touma's arm; soon another person holds on to Touma — it's Last Order, 10032's target. Touma and Mikoto are once again left alone as 10032 continues her pursuit on Last Order.

Meanwhile, Accelerator walks under a rainy afternoon while accompanied by Aiho by phone. Aiho continues to help Accelerator in giving clues to Last Order's location, and their conversation eventually shifts to Accelerator's bad past and the possibility of him having a good side in spite of all that happened to him.

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An unusual event happens elsewhere: the appearance of a girl wearing a school uniform, the girl named Kazakiri Hyouka. As an Anti-Skill witnesses the girl's image shift from complete visibility to 0% visibility, her presence signifies something, and exactly what is still unknown.

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