Chapter 4
緩やかに交差する二組 Boy_Meets_Girl(×2).
Gently Crossing Pairs — Boy_Meets_Girl(x2).
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Once again, Mikoto runs off from Touma due to something he can't understand, and Last Order finds herself bugging Touma once again. Last Order eventually chats about her status as the moderator of the Misaka Network, and she thanks Touma for shutting down the "Experiment" due to his intervention. Soon Touma becomes Last Order's guardian, giving her snacks to eat and adjusting the goggles (that she stole from Misaka 10032). He even protects the "petite Misaka" from Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce's comments on his choice of girls.

Index v12 181

The strongest Level 5 treats a certain nun to a meal.

Meanwhile, Accelerator reaches the underground mall, where he stumbles upon a nun who appears to be starving. The nun, who is in fact Index, is then taken by Accelerator to a fast food chain, and as she burns through Accelerator's wallet, he takes the chance to ask Index about Last Order. Soon, Accelerator heads off to continue looking for Last Order, but Index decides to tail him, much to Accelerator's annoyance.

Mikoto is still annoyed at how Touma handled the penalty game, and she is in fact angry that Touma has the time to interact with another girl (i.e. Misaka Clone 10032), although she does consider that she dragged Touma into the penalty game in spite of his response. After destroying a gaming machine to vent up her frustration, Mikoto decides to talk to Touma again.

Soon, 6:00 PM comes, and Last Order decides to say her goodbyes to Touma, knowing that she needs to go home so that a certain person doesn't worry. Elsewhere, Index sees Touma inside the underground mall; Accelerator, due to the thick nighttime crowd, doesn't see what is in the other side.

As Accelerator and Touma wait on opposite sides of the underground mall, Last Order and Index return to their usual companions.

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Inside the Russian Orthodox Church headquarter's many buildings, Sasha Kreutzev reads on to a book while quenching her thirst by drinking black tea-flavored brandy. She is soon accompanied by Vassilisa, who startles Sasha by showing her perverse side. On a serious note, however, she is there to confirm the presence of Telesma in her body due to a certain Angel possessing her body.

Soon, Vassilisa continues on her shenanigans, forcing Sasha to wear a "Magical Powered Kanamin" costume. Sasha escapes immediately, leaving behind a disappointed Vassilisa.

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