Chapter 5
曖昧に過ぎていく日没 Hard_Way,Hard_Luck.
Sunset Unknowingly Passing By — Hard_Way,Hard_Luck.
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Index v12 229

Accelerator crushes Hound Dogs opening assault.

Accelerator heads back home after finding Last Order, and the "youngest" of the Misaka Clones is starting to test the Rank 1 Level 5's patience. Last Order soon hurts herself by tripping on the street, and Accelerator later finds himself in a nearby pharmacy to look for something to tend to her wound.

On his way back, however, he is ambushed by what he discovered as members of an unknown party. Accelerator's bloodlust is awakened yet again, and the leader of the ambush — none other than Accelerator's mentor, Kihara Amata. A fight broke out between mentor and student, and Accelerator's Redirection proves no match for the scientist who was able to study every single mechanic of his ability.

As Accelerator is helpless to Kihara's assault, the scientist reveals that his target is Last Order, and in one last-ditch effort to save her from the clutches of Kihara's Hound Dog, he uses his ability to throw her into somewhere safe. Meanwhile, a nun clad in white arrives in the scene, not knowing what is going on.

Kamijou Touma is out in the streets again looking for Index, who ran off to look for a certain white-haired boy to return something. On his way, he discovers a group of Anti-Skills losing their consciousness on their spot. He soon discovers that there is an intruder in Academy City, and it makes the task to look for Index even more urgent.

Instead of finding Index, however, he finds Last Order with tears flowing from her eyes.

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Index v12 276-277

Vento declares her intent to crush the seat of science.

The newest intruder to Academy City, a woman dressed in yellow and whose face is decorated with piercings, continues on its march towards the city. Soon, the intruder contacts none other than the Superintendent of Academy City and taunts him into doing something about her actions; however, even with three of the Directors of Academy City killed, the Superintendent keeps his cool.

In fact, he gives an even bigger warning to the intruder: to not underestimate the power of Academy City.

As the intruder, God's Right Seat's Vento of the Front continues on her rampage, Aleister prepares his hidden plan for Vento — FUZE Kazakiri — while ordering the immediate custody of Misaka Clone #20001.

The long-awaited "showtime" is close at hand.

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