Chapter 10
彼らのそれぞれの戦場 The_Way_of_Light_and_Darkness.
Their Respective Battlefields — The_Way_of_Light_and_Darkness.
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Index v13 290

The clock has run out for Accelerator.

Sixty seconds remain for Accelerator to finish off Kihara Amata and save Last Order. The problem is that Amata still has counters for his abilities, and because of this, the fight seems one-sided. In the end, the device that restores Accelerator's powers dies out. At that time, Accelerator is helpless against the full brunt of Kihara's offense.

Kamijou Touma, on the other hand, is struggling to fend off Vento's attacks while thinking of the civilians scattered around the battlefield; meanwhile, Vento is still trying to stabilize herself while near a "poisonous" source of AIM. Soon, Hyouka — now known as FUZE=Kazakiri — manifests mysterious scales of light throughout Academy City to protect the civilians. With Hyouka trying her best to save everyone, Touma decides to stay strong.

Accelerator's loss of powers soon causes Kihara to lose his cool, since his ability to counter Accelerator is most effective only when Accelerator is a Level 5. Kihara soon wants to destroy Accelerator while not killing him, and it starts with destroying the vaccine that would cure Last Order. However, it seems all is not lost when Index comes to the battlefield.

Index v13 335

Index resolves herself to save her friend and Last Order.

Vento and Touma continue their exchange, and Touma soon notices that Vento is hurt, but not because of his attacks. Of course, Vento rejects his compassion and tells him of her experiences with science... and her consequent hate for everything scientific. However, Touma points out the flawed mindset she has followed for so long and stamps a fist on her face. It was the end of their battle.

Meanwhile, the battle between Accelerator and Kihara continues, but now, Index is also involved. As Accelerator tries to keep Kihara from touching Index, she holds on to Last Order and thinks of a way to cure the virus that is in Last Order's head in magical terms. Her solution: a song. As she performs an aria for Last Order, Accelerator regains enough strength to fight on, and as Kihara plans on sealing Accelerator's fate... black wings sprout from his back. In an instant, Kihara Amata is thrown into the sky, leaving an orange trail behind him.

Touma's battle has ended, but while he thinks of the outcomes of the battle, another member of God's Right Seat comes to fetch the defeated Vento: Acqua of the Back. Just as quickly as he appears, he vanishes with Vento.

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