Chapter 6
冷たい雨に打たれた街 Battle_Preparation.
Streets Beaten by the Cold Rain — Battle_Preparation.
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Vento crosses paths and words with Amata.

With the defenses of Academy City forced to its minimum, Vento manages to slip through and takes out three of the members of the Board of Directors. Meanwhile, the General Superintendent of Academy City initiates a plan to stop Vento, and it requires the Misaka Network's administrator to begin. Right now, that person, also known as Last Order, is now in the hands of Kamijou Touma.

Elsewhere, Accelerator realizes that the girl in white robes — the girl named Index — is in danger and uses the chance to get away with her using a Hound Dog operative inside a minivan as hostage. Accelerator orders the Hound Dog to drive towards a certain hospital.

Kihara Amata is amazed that Accelerator was able to escape his clutches and prepares a high-caliber weapon to take care of him, but he finds himself in the way of Vento, who arrives shortly after Accelerator's speedy escape. Kihara decides to personally take care of Vento, however, upon displaying her unusual ability, Kihara considers that it is futile to fight against her. With the retrieval of Last Order in high priority, he leaves the battlefield, leaving Vento still surprised to face someone with such heartlessness.

Kamijou Touma and Last Order soon reach the remains of Accelerator's last battle and Last Order confirms that the one Touma needs to help was last seen here. Before they can examine further, they are forced to flee when Hound Dog units pursue them. Accelerator also feels pursued as well, but fortunately, they made it to the Frog-Faced Doctor's hospital. After dropping Index at a nearby location, Accelerator continues on.

Meanwhile, Touma and Last Order seek refuge inside a restaurant building to avoid the pursuit of the Hound Dog. To his shock, there are more people unconscious inside, so he planned on seeking another hiding spot. However, he is already discovered.

On the other hand, Accelerator is now walking alone after leaving behind his hostage, and is now trying to contact Last Order (unfortunately, she has turned off her phone while opening an electronic lock for Touma to avoid interference). He then decides to contact the Frog-Faced Doctor himself. An exchange between the two manages to clear Accelerator's mind on the task he needs to do, and prepares for the real battle.

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On the gates that divide Academy City and the outside world, Tsuchimikado Motoharu is having a battle of his own. He discovers that the Roman Catholic Church is preparing a direct offensive that is supported by Vento's unusual ability, and in spite of his limitations as a mix of esper and magician, he prepares to fight on.

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