Chapter 8
神の右席と虚数学区と Fuse=KAZAKIRI.
God's Right Seat and the Imaginary Number District — Fuse=KAZAKIRI.
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Touma aceelerator call

Once enemies do not recognize the other over the phone.

Accelerator's rampage continues. After turning one pack of Hound Dogs into a bloody mess, another group was killed off, but only because they ignored the Heaven Canceller's warnings. Meanwhile, Vento picks herself up after experiencing the adverse effects of being exposed to a certain substance.

Touma decides to look for Last Order again after taking the unconscious people out of the restaurant; he knows that with Hound Dogs and Vento still around, her safety is not assured. He then decides to use Last Order's phone to contact someone. After several tries, only one number responded... It was Accelerator.

In what seemed like a fateful encounter, the two reported each other about what happened on their side, including Last Order's status, and they both find themselves protecting someone. Accelerator and Touma move on their separate paths.

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An angel descends upon the city of science.

Accelerator manages to locate Touma's last location, but he is contacted by Kihara Amata, telling him that Last Order is in his possession and that she will have a virus installed in her brain to achieve something. Overwhelmed by anger, Accelerator uses his ability to unleash a powerful attack at the Windowless Building with enough force to cause the Earth to slow down by about five minutes. Aleister takes no heed of what just happened, and focuses on the next stage of his plan.

Meanwhile, Vento is still struggling from being exposed to an unknown substance and soon encounters Touma again. However, before another battle erupts between them, a spectacle explodes from the distance: an "angel" manifesting on Academy City.

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The battle between Tsuchimikado Motoharu and the unknown Roman Catholic magician is over, but the esper-magician hybrid is shocked to see a simliar spectacle as the manifestation of Misha Kreutzev. He can just brace himself as the clash between God's Right Seat and Academy City becomes inevitable.

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