Chapter 9
立ちふさがる障害の違い Two_Kinds_of_Enemies.
The Differences of Obstacles that Stand in One's Way — Two_Kinds_of_Enemies.
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In the midst of the angel's manifestation throughout Academy City, Accelerator hijacks the room of Director Thomas Platinaburg with the intent of extracting information regarding Hound Dog's missions. He manages to track down the location of Kihara Amata, and he hurries to get there as soon as possible.

Index v13 273

Fuse=KAZAKIRI activates.

Meanwhile, Index, Mikoto and a pursued Touma meet for the first time since the intruder's first steps into the city. Index warns of Touma regarding the angel — whom she thinks is none other than Kazakiri Hyouka — and while Index and Touma head for the center of the manifestation, Mikoto decides to offer her help by taking out the Hound Dogs chasing Touma.

On their way to Hyouka, Index tells Touma about the specifics to the intruder's abilities. However, Index needed help to understand the angel that showed up in Academy City, and with Mikoto's help, she grasps similarities on how it works. With new information on Hyouka's condition, Index heads to look for the "core" while Touma rushes on to confront Hyouka.

Accelerator pushes through Kihara Amata's location and takes the fight to him. However, with only a few minutes until the device that powers his esper ability wears off, he finds himself heavily disadvantaged. Meanwhile, Touma reaches the center of the manifestation and eventually finds himself helpless as he can't touch Hyouka. Then, Vento arrives as well, and Touma's mission to protect Hyouka begins.

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