正と負の進むべき道へ The_Branch_Road.
The Paths Which the Winners and the Losers Must Go Through — The_Branch_Road.
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With the defeat of Vento of the Front and the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church's sieging forces, Acqua of the Back reports to a fellow member of God's Right Seat, Terra of the Left, that the mission has failed completely and it is advised for any succeeding attacks to be put on hold for the meantime.

Back in Academy City, Touma watches as FUZE=Kazakiri returns to Hyouka, and he checks if she is fine. Hyouka feels remorseful for what she had done to the city, but Touma is there to lift her spirits.

Accelerator is still crippled without the power from the device on his neck, and he himself is unsure if Last Order has recovered from the virus code. While Index runs off to get a doctor, a group of strangers, including a telepath, approach him. The man who appears to lead them offers Accelerator a choice: to be used as collateral for the extensive damage in Academy City, or to join their organization. Accelerator's positive response was his last words before he is knocked out and taken elsewhere.

The Heaven Canceller has finally returned to his hospital from an emergency evacuation performed the night before, and at the aftermath of the attack against Academy City, he confronts Aleister for playing with his patients. Although the "Frog-Faced Doctor" threatens to stop Aleister's life support systems, he cannot do it, since Aleister is also one of his patients.

After the events that happened on September 30, animosities develop between the Roman Catholic Church and Academy City. It seems that a third world war is about to erupt.

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