Volume 14 Chapter 2
決定打となる引き金 Muzzle_of_a_Gun.
A Trigger that Becomes a Decisive Blow — Muzzle_of_a_Gun.
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While Mikoto heads back to her dormitory, Touma is contacted by Oyafune's mother, who happens to be one of Academy City's 12 directors, in person.[1][2][3] Touma is taken to a children's park, and there, Oyafune Monaka begins to speak.[4][5]

She tells him that there's supernatural power at work behind the protests, that these people are forced to take action against the city. She further goes on explaining the details of the situation, like how most people are benefiting from both Religion and Science, belonging on both sides and are only involved because of the supernatural power that's driving them. She asks for his help since governments of various countries fear being dragged into the backlash, and that only his Imagine Breaker can help settle this mess by destroying the artifact that's the cause.[3]

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Then she is shot by Tsuchimikado right after.[3] Academy City wanted a reason to go to war; so what she was doing would only work against them. Tsuchimikado was asked by her to shoot her to prevent Academy City from doing any further form of punishment (such as attacking her daughter). Kamijou thought that she didn't have to use this guilt trick to force him into action, all she had to do was ask.[6] Misaka hears the shot and comes back, but they've already left after calling for help.[7][8]

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Lidvia continues on explaining the nature of God's Right Seat, how they are imitating the Holy Virgin Mary by reducing their "Original Sin" passed down since Adam and Eve's time to gain power above that of a normal human; for example, they can use to an extent a Angel's spells. She also says reducing the Original Sin is the ultimate goal of Humankind, but God's Right Seat treats this as merely a step in their goal. When Stiyl asks what their ultimate goals are, to which Lidvia smiled and replied their goal is in their name - "God's Right Seat".[9]

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