Chapter 3
魔術師から遠いもの Power_Instigation.
Something Far Removed from Magicians — Power_Instigation.
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Touma and Tsuchimikado parachute down into Avignon

Kamijou Touma and Tsuchimikado Motoharu board on a plane that can go up to 7,000 km/h to head to France.[1] Tsuchimikado tells Touma they're after Document of Constantine, also called the "C-Document". It has the power to make the Roman Catholics believe whatever the Pope says. In this case, the Pope declared Academy City an enemy of the Roman Catholic Church. Before Tsuchimikado could finish his explanation, they reach above Avignon, so they parachuted off from there, with Touma being pushed off by Tsuchimikado. Touma got strangled by the lines on his parachute and faints,[2] so he drifted off course and lands in a river 100m away from the original drop point, but Itsuwa rescues him before drowning. The Amakusa Christians were gathering info in France on what was causing this, and Itsuwa found Touma by pure chance since she didn't know about Tsuchimikado.[3] They join up before regrouping with him. They go to nearby cafe to wrap things up before making a move.

Index v14 165

Touma and Itsuwa looking at the riots from a back street.

Itsuwa's initial plans involve storming the Palais des Papes, where it seems most likely place to be where the C-Document is housed. However, angry mobs forming around the palace makes the plan impossible for the two of them.[4] Tsuchimikado then suggests cutting the magical pipeline connecting Vatican and Avignon which allows the document to activate. This pipeline is flow of energy that runs through the globe, and they need either Itsuwa or Tsuchimikado to alter its path away from Avignon.[5]

Index v14 185

Embarrassment at preparations

Touma and Itsuwa end up at one of museums.[6] Touma thought about breaking the link using the Imagine Breaker but was told by Tsuchimikado it might not work as there are exceptions to what the Imagine Breaker can negate.[7] Just as Itsuwa is about to shut the pipeline using a magic circle made from common items such as water bottle, tour guide book, slippers and her panties, God's Right Seat's Terra of the Left attacks them with a giant white guillotine blade.[6]

Index v14 007 Textless

Terra of the Left arrives

Touma manages to destroy Terra's attacks, but it quickly materializes, allowing Terra to attack again. While Terra continues his assault, Touma continues to block most of his attacks and Itsuwa jumps in, using a technique similar to Kanzaki Kaori's Nanasen, but the wires wrap around him without any damage. Terra goes through a wall behind him and attacks, and the two can't do anything but to defend themselves. Terra soon displays his ability to manipulate the hierarchy of things, causing certain objects to be "weaker" than another at will, and his ability causes their fight to be at best a deadlock.[8]

Index v14 210-211

The Avignon Cleanup Operation begins

Soon, Tsuchimikado joins the fight and it gives the chance for Itsuwa and Touma to flee. Although concerned for the safety of Tsuchimikado, Touma follows Itsuwa to safety, but he sees a shocking sight outside: numerous HsPS-15 units laying siege.[8][9] As Terra retreats, Tsuchimikado tells Touma and Itsuwa to head straight for the Palais des Papes to stop Terra while he creates a diversion.[10]

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Stiyl and Agnese leave the interrogation room in the Tower of London to discuss about what they learned about God's Right Seat. Although they might need a break after a tense interview with their captives, Agnese decides to continue, which Stiyl accepts.[11]

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  • The name of Drory Coffee appears to be a reference to the real-life chain Drury Coffee.

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