Chapter 4
空を覆う鋼鉄の群れ Cruel_Troopers.
A Collection of Steel that Blocks Out the Sky — Cruel_Troopers.
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Academy City's units are now ransacking Avignon, knocking out any rioters in the way. Touma and Itsuwa soon reach the Palais des Papes,[1] and Tsuchimikado Motoharu realizes that fighting Academy City's mechanized units might be tougher than expected.[2]

Inside the vast rooms of the palace, Touma decides to call Mikoto to ask about Academy City's intervention. According to her, there is a cult group working to create a weapon of mass destruction and the French government has asked Academy City to intervene, asking for their expertise in taking the weapon apart. She asks Touma where he is, but their talk is cut short when Terra of the Left shows up after taking out suits that have infiltrated into palace, with the C-Document in his hand. Touma's phone falls off from his hands and the screen was shattered.[3]

Elsewhere, Tsuchimikado manages to disable the armored units that were chasing him, but soon discovers that Academy City has HsB-02 bomber planes deployed as well.[4] Inside one of these planes is Accelerator, and he watches as Avignon is isolated from the outside through precision-made trenches made by the plane's Earth Blade, an iron-sand attack that slices through earth with such force that it turns soil into magma. Then, the bombing stage of the operation is initiated, and Accelerator decides to focus fire on the Palais des Papes.[5]

Back inside, Touma and Itsuwa fight against Terra once again; now, he has the C-Document on his hands. While Terra manages to fend off any of Itsuwa's attacks, Itsuwa discovers a flaw in Terra's ability; however, Terra does not take heed of this as he knocks Itsuwa unconscious. Soon, Terra confronts Touma about his Imagine Breaker and the secret about his amnesia. This causes Touma to feel an even deeper urge to defeat Terra.[6]

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Touma soon discovers how Terra's Execution of Light ability cannot be used on many objects at the same time and tries to use this to his advantage, but it is still a challenge with Terra's Flour Guillotine as a threat. Soon, one of Terra's attacks came for Touma, but quick thinking and a fallen rifle that he picked up from the HsPS-15 suits manages to block it. Terra is overwhelmed by shock over Touma avoiding such a lethal attack, and Touma uses the chance to knock Terra out.[7] There, Touma destroys the C-Document using his right hand.[8]

As Touma picks up an unconscious Itsuwa, Terra comes to and asks Touma about his interest in knowing more about the Imagine Breaker. However, before Terra could say a thing about it, he was obscured by an orange beam that melted the area near Terra.[8]

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  • Terra of the Left learns of Touma's amnesia, a consequence of saving Index from her own memory erasure and a fact he has tried to keep secret since then.[9]

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  • Terra of the Left: “The true identity of Imagine Breaker is-…" - to Kamijou Touma


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