あまりにも暗い聖堂 Bread_and_Wine.
An All-Too-Gloomy Church — Bread_and_Wine.
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God's Right Seat's Terra of the Left is caught drinking cheap wine by Acqua of the Back and the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church under the nighttime sky over St. Peter's Basilica. Although the two members of God's Right Seat have a humorous exchange of remarks, they soon talk about something more serious: the plan to attack the Roman Catholic Church's enemy, and they decide to use the people in their next attack.

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  • When talking to Acqua of the Back, Terra of the Left compares God's Right Seat's role in leading the people to how the children were enthralled by the enchanted flute of the Piper.

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  • Terra of the Left: "And with that, let us lead the frightened lambs as we please. I am the shepherd...they will be like the children who disappeared while enthralled by the flute." - to Acqua of the Back after drinking bottles of wine


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