Chapter 2
ゆっくりと動き出した者達 — Hikoboshi_II.
The People Who Have Slowly Begun To Move — Hikoboshi_II.
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Even underground organizations go hungry as well. At lunchtime, GROUP's Accelerator, Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musujime Awaki dig in on their respective lunches, while another underground organization, ITEM, is served by none other than the Level 0 Hamazura Shiage. Soon, they discuss on the assassination attempt on Director Oyafune Monaka and the reason behind's SCHOOL's act.

Meanwhile, Unabara finds himself in a challenging situation when he discovers that he borrowed the identity of BLOCK's tactician Yamate. Right now, he is trying to keep himself out of suspicion, and it involves taking out one of their members, a girl named Tetsumou, whose ability is to peek into a person's identity.

Soon, GROUP receives news of an attempt to hijack the Virus Isolation Center in District 5. They soon head off for District 13, where one of the four terminals connecting Academy City to the world via the Internet is still working. On their way, however, they discover that the weather satellite Hikoboshi II was being hacked, and Accelerator decides to go to District 23 to investigate.

A similar call was received by ITEM, but ITEM's leader Mugino Shizuri decides to focus on SCHOOL for the meantime; with Shiage hijacking a vehicle for ITEM, they drive off to District 18. When they reach Kirigaoka Girls' Academy's Particle Engineering Laboratory, they face a skirmish against SCHOOL's Level 5, the Rank 2 Kakine Teitoku, and the Rank 4 Mugino is forced to flee with fellow member Takitsubo Rikou. Meanwhile, another member of SCHOOL begins to pursue Shiage, but he narrowly escapes.

Accelerator is on his way to District 23, and after learning how Hikoboshi II's orbital laser works from GROUP's informant, he receives news from Unabara that the hacking of Hikoboshi II is BLOCK's doing, with the plans of eliminating GROUP. Upon arriving, however, he is attacked by one of MEMBER's operatives, who can teleport to the back of anyone at willSaraku. In spite of his ambush ability, he was easily disposed of by Accelerator.

Soon, Accelerator destroys the link between Academy City and the Hikoboshi II satellite. Without the surveillance capabilities of Hikoboshi II, Academy City can now be accessed with little intervention. BLOCK has this prepared already, with 5,000 mercenaries ready awaiting the go-signal.

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Kakine to Hakase

The Professor contacts SCHOOL's Kakine Teitoku and introduces himself and his destructive nanodevice called "Mimosa". Although the Professor is supposed to kill off Kakine using the Mimosa, Kakine manages to escape unscathed.

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