Volume 15 - Chapter 5
最強の黒い翼に打ち勝つ者 Dark_Matter.
Defeat the Person with the Strongest Black Wings — Dark_Matter.
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With BLOCK down for the count, GROUP can finally treat their wounds and recover. However, for Accelerator, it doesn't mean that he can already rest easy, as the mysterious informant of GROUP calls him once again... and this time, the call is about information on Last Order.

The young girl on their topic is accompanied by Judgment's Uiharu Kazari, who is very tired after being dragged along by the young brunette with an ahoge. She decides to rest in an open-air cafe and indulges herself with some sweets; however, Last Order is more interested in looking for a certain boy and eating some fast food.

Uiharu decides to eat alone, and there, she is confronted by a man wearing an unusual mechanical claw of sorts on one hand. He asks Uiharu if she had seen a girl who looks exactly like Last Order, which was in the picture he handed, and Uiharu reluctantly denies knowing where she is.

However, the man, named Kakine Teitoku, knows that she knows where Last Order is, and he forces her to answer by pinning Uiharu to the ground, stepping on her shoulder with such force that it dislocates.

Despite the intense pain from having her shoulder dislocated, Uiharu refuses to divulge information about Last Order's whereabouts, and this forces Kakine, who is as ruthless on enemies as he is kind to the innocent, to seal Uiharu's fate.

As soon as Kakine's foot is about to crash onto Uiharu's head, an ATM careens towards his location. Although Kakine uses his ability to protect himself from the attack, it causes him to miss his attack against Uiharu.

And Uiharu's savior turns out to be none other than Accelerator himself.

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A hostile exchange of remarks explode between the Rank 1 and Rank 2 of Academy City's Level 5, and it soon turns into a destructive fight between the two most powerful espers. It appears that Accelerator could take on someone who is ranked only second to him, but as soon as Kakine unleashes three pairs of wings on his back, things become different for Accelerator.

Kakine boasts about his Dark Matter ability — that it cannot be understood using conventional physics and thus, is unaffected by Accelerator's vector manipulation ability. Accelerator struggles as Kakine fights him by exploiting the filters that Accelerator imposed on his passive vector manipulation, not to mention that Kakine's ability can cause objects that are in contact with his ability to act using a new set of physical laws.

It seems that Kakine is about to declare his victory, but in spite of Kakine's possession of the Tweezers and his superiority over Accelerator's ability, Accelerator thinks that Kakine is still far below him. And the Rank 1 Level 5 points this out by telling him that he has been protecting everyone the whole time he has been fighting Kakine, much to the Rank 2's shock.

Kakine decides to end the fight once and for all, and in a split second, his clash with Accelerator ends up with one person standing.

Accelerator looks at the aftermath of the battle between him and Kakine, who is now impaled by one of his Dark Matter wings, and decides to finish the Rank 2 once and for all, but there is one person who kept him from doing so, and it is Anti-Skill's Yomikawa Aiho.

Aiho tries to negotiate about handing over the gun that he plans to kill Kakine with, but Accelerator refuses, pointing out that he is not a good guy to leave an enemy breathing. Yomikawa remains stubborn, determined to drag Accelerator to the good side no matter the cost, and Accelerator is forced to aim his gun at Yomikawa herself. However, Yomikawa knows that he cannot hurt someone like her.

Then suddenly, an attack from nowhere stabbed through Yomikawa's side, and Accelerator can only watch as Kakine staggers, focusing his attack on Accelerator's "friend". Kakine then urges Accelerator to become evil, to destroy him if necessary, and Accelerator, in response, awakens.

Accelerator's Black Wing

Black wings sprout from Accelerator's back, and an amazed Kakine, after he awakens too, prepares to defeat Accelerator using his new found power. But defeat came swiftly for Kakine, whose Pincet Glove was torn away along with his arm; for the next few moments, Accelerator's fist grinds through Kakine's flesh, creating tremors in the process.

Yomikawa regains her consciousness in the middle of Accelerator's onslaught against Kakine, and she tries to stop him; fortunately, the Anti-Skill have arrived to stop her before she could hurt herself. She feels helpless, unable to stop Accelerator from his rampage, until a small girl came rushing into the battlefield.

Last Order.

She has finally found the boy that she has been looking for all this time, and she asks Accelerator to stop. It appears that Accelerator could still hear Last Order and has been trying to avoid hurting her in spite of his chaotic state, and he slowly calms down, losing his consciousness after the relentless attack he gave out against Kakine.

As the battle finally draws to a close, Last Order heaves a sigh of relief.

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