Volume 15 - Epilogue
生き残った者が得る戦利品 Nano_Size_Data.
The Victory Prize for Those Who Survived — Nano_Size_Data.
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The battle royale between the underground organizations of Academy City is finally over.

Accelerator wakes up inside a moving van, and the voice of GROUP's informant greeted him via mobile phone, followed by a remark about his going too far involving the fight against Kakine Teitoku. The Rank 1 Level 5 expects an even stricter punishment awaiting him, but the informant is even considering giving him some leeway. Accelerator soon hangs up, and declares that he will be able to escape the grasp of Academy City from him, now that the blueprints for his choker is now on his hands.

The only challenge lies in acquiring the technology and materials needed to tweak his electrode one more time.

Unabara Mitsuki leaves the hospital after visiting his friend Xochitl. He is quite relieved to have taken the grimoire that had endangered Xochitl's life, at the cost of taking in a grimoire that might both endanger his life and make him a target from other organizations. However, as he clutches the original grimoire on his hand, he focuses more on Xochitl's recovery and the reason behind her infiltration into Academy City.

Musujime Awaki revisits the Reformatory while recovering from the wounds she received from the battle at that same place. She remembers not being able to save her comrades inside, but she considers it to be the lesser of the two evils as the Reformatory is still under Academy City's grasp, and taking them away from that place would endanger their lives even more.

Awaki soon promises to herself that she will break her comrades away from the Reformatory, before leaving quietly from what was once her battlefield.

Soon, the four members or GROUP reunite, with Tsuchimikado Motoharu claiming the Tweezers which was once in Kakine Teitoku's possession. Accelerator is quite surprised that Motoharu manages to snatch the bloodied device earlier than anyone, and he is quite suspicious himself regarding Tsuchimikado's actions, although he just dismissed it as his part of the mission.

Tsuchimikado soon tells everyone that the Tweezers contains the Underline, which acts as the core of Aleister's communications network, and SCHOOL has been trying to acquire it for some time already. Using the Tweezers, Tsuchimikado cracks down the security protocols in the Underline, and he discovers that there are information about them , ITEM, SCHOOL, BLOCK and MEMBER on the microscopic device. Likewise, there are data on the satellite Hikoboshi II and the Reformatory blueprints.

Also, there is a new keyword discovered by Tsuchimikado on their investigation: DRAGON .

This discovery urges GROUP to move forward again, just after their experience with fighting against the underground groups in Academy City.

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  • Accelerator's ransacking of Thomas Platinaburg's office has been referenced when the levels of information security dictated by one's status was mentioned. It is said that while Platinaburg is a member of the Board of Directors, there is still some information that cannot be disclosed using his identity, and he suspects that the Underline restricts a majority of the people to access certain kinds of information.

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  • Accelerator's mission of reworking the device that allows him to use his abilities was compared to performing one of Princess Kaguya's impossible tasks.

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