Chapter 3
桁の違う怪物同士の死闘 Saint_VS_Saint.
A Life-and-Death Struggle Between Two Monsters of Great Power: Saint_VS_Saint.
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The two Saints Kanzaki Kaori and Acqua of the Back begin their clash, and not even Kanzaki's swordsmanship was able to excel against Acqua's skills. However, what troubled Kanzaki was how Acqua belittles the Amakusas and how he used the extent of his strength as a Saint to endanger the life of a powerless boy. Disregarding Kanzaki's accusations, Acqua continues his offense against the Saint of the Far East. Meanwhile, Touma finally regains consciousness as Index sleeps by his side. He is sure that Acqua is still fighting the Amakusas at this moment so, disregarding his injuries, he leaves the hospital room.

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At the fourth level of District 22, Kanzaki faces the full extent of Acqua's skills as a water magician, using the vast reserves of water in the area to pummel Kanzaki with ice and water attacks. Kanzaki manages to come out of his attacks unscathed, but his ability to use Divine Mother's Mercy astonishes her, comparing this fight with her battle against Misha Kreutzev. Soon, the fight eventually batters down on Kanzaki, especially after trying to parry several direct hits from Acqua's mace. Regardless, Kanzaki continues her battle against Acqua as she thinks about the spiky-haired boy who was caught in this mess.

Nearby, the members of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church once more try to recover from their injuries as they watch two Saints fight to the death nearby. Once more, helplessness consumes the group as they found their former leader cover up for them once again,

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An SOS signal can be heard after the third princess of England has been abducted by the Spanish Astrological Sect. However, due to diplomatic issues, the Knights of England are unable to take action. William Orwell, then a Knight himself, decided to help in rescuing the princess, but a friend of his, named Knight Leader, refuses to permit him to carry out the mission. Ignoring the warnings of his friend, William Orwell steps into action.[1]

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