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Kamijou Touma wakes up in a hospital bed in the frog-faced doctor's hospital and finds Itsuwa, who was watching over him as he was recovering. Touma's body is too fatigued to even move, and his memories from his escape in the hospital to the moment he blindsided Acqua of the Back was hazy. However, he was psyched for defeating someone like Acqua with the help of the Amakusas. Touma then finds the urge to return to school, but was pinned down by Itsuwa to keep himself from pushing his body too hard. Index catches the two, and Touma is forced to deal with Index's pressing questions.

Meanwhile, Kanzaki Kaori asks for ideas on how to meet Touma from Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Motoharu uses the chance to tease the flustered Saint by suggesting the "erotic fallen angel costume" and pointing out that Itsuwa is a threat not to be trifled with. To the shock of Motoharu himself, Kanzaki pushed through with wearing the erotic fallen angel costume on her visit to Touma's room, but the meeting would consume Touma with fear.

Elsewhere, the Pope is distressed by the defeat of the third member of God's Right Seat as well as the involvement of a member of the Anglican Church in the incident. However, the highest member of group, Fiamma of the Right, appears calm amidst it all. Inside St. Peter's Basilica, Fiamma plans to gather more power by taking over England and acquiring a particular thing within its domain. The Pope refuses to give him permission to perform that plan, but Fiamma reveals his lack of interest in being the Pope's ally, forcing the Pope to use a type of magic based on the traitor Judas to imprison him for 40 years. However, this magic was shattered by a mysterious hand-like object that emerged from his back, dragging several defensive structures and one-third of the basilica into ruin. The Pope, himself injured, staggers as Fiamma finally reveals his interest to take the Index to his custody before he once more destroys part of the Vatican.

The Pope was left a bloody mess in the streets of the Vatican. As ambulances start heading to his direction, a fully recovered Vento of the Front emerges. The Pope struggles to warn her about Fiamma and his plans for England, and Vento complies, if only because everyone's target is Fiamma at this moment.

Back in England, Laura Stuart lazes around in a boat ride along Little Venice. Here, she receives a report about the events that unfolded in the Vatican. On the other hand, as General Superintendent Aleister looks at the report of the events that happened in District 22, he is filled with satisfaction.

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  • Vento:Nice hostility you have there. Your luck is rather good: If I had my original weapon, you would have died here.


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