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The Standing of a Leader: Stage_in_Roma.
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The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church remembers a certain event that he witnessed during his visit in London regarding the settlement of disputes between the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches. This event involves the Archbishop of the Anglican Church, Laura Stuart, and her subordinate Kanzaki Kaori, who are in the former's official residence in Lambeth Castle.

Onboard a luxury car, he overheard the argument between the two, which started from the Archbishop's topic about early preparations for the Holiday season, and he listens as Kanzaki becomes embarrassed at the thought of the Archbishop willing to wear a skimpy Santa costume for her visits to orphanages across England. As their conversation turns into one's show of disrespect towards one's superior, the Pope is somewhat amazed at the amount of sincerity that Laura Stuart displays to anyone in spite of her large gap in status (and age, possibly), something that the Pope is unable to portray as the most powerful man in the Roman Catholic Church.

While he proceeds to the Basilica di Sant'Agostino to hold a small sermon there, he feels the greatness of his position as portrayed by his secretary, who is ever-anxious of his safety. This was more emphasized by a small girl's reaction to his presence, who willingly rejects the Pope's helping hand in respect to his status.

At that moment, the Pope could not feel the "equality" that the Word of God is supposed to demonstrate.

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  • Kanzaki's embarrassing moments while under the effects of the Angel Fall spell were referenced by Kanzaki herself in her argument with Laura Stuart.[1]

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