Volume 17 Chapter 4
その剣は戦と災厄を招く Sword_of_Mercy.
The Sword that Brings War and Disaster: Sword_of_Mercy.
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As midnight strikes, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales fall under the direct control of the Knights of England, and the Anglican Church becomes cornered by the sudden shift of power. Witches who oppose the Knights of England appear through a massive flying structure called the Coven Compass, using the restraints of the effects of the Curtana Original to initiate a sea battle between the knights and the witches.[1]

In Edinburgh, Agnese and her 250 nuns are confronted by several knights, who ask them to surrender peacefully. Agnese refuses, and instead orders her forces to retreat. Meanwhile, the Anglican Church chooses to evacuate and preserve as much of their military might as much as necessary. With the church passively backing down against the knights' forces, Laura Stuart and Elizard move to Windsor Castle to take refuge, but the refuge is short-lived as the knights overpower the magical protection of the castle. As the Original takes away four-fifths of the Curtana Second, Elizard recognizes her powerlessness in her current situation and surrenders herself, with Laura Stuart following suit.[1]

In Folkestone, Index confirms that a French-based Roman Catholic spell based on the House of Loreto was used to cause the collapse of the Eurotunnel, but Index still opens the possibility of someone outside of France causing the incident. Relieved by her findings, Carissa eventually shows her true colors and brandishes the Curtana Original for the first time as she and Knight Leader discuss their next move, namely putting the blame of France and using this to initiate an attack on Versailles, which will isolate England from the European Union and Academy City in Carissa's attempt to shift the power balance away from the Roman Catholic Church. Shortly afterwards, Index is knocked unconscious.[2][3]

Index v17 345

Kanzaki Kaori prepares to confront Carissa.

Touma and Oriana witness the sudden change in London, something that is way beyond any spell that can isolate innocent bystanders. With an injured Lessar who needs immediate care, Touma and Oriana turn to drastic measures not only to take Lessar to safety, but also to head to Index in Folkestone. As Oriana decides to face the knights alone, Touma heads to Lambeth to look for any members of Necessarius there.[4] Nearby, Sherry also joins the fray, taking the opportunity to lash on the knights who were responsible for the death of her friend Ellis. Despite being worried about Sherry's rampage, Touma is forced to leave her and Oriana behind on his way to the Necessarius dormitories. However, even as he nears Lambeth, he watches as the electric lines that power the trains to Folkestone are destroyed in the carnage.[5]

Princess Villian manages to sneak past Carissa's forces in Folkestone and is on her way to one of the headquarters of the Anglican Church in Canterbury. As Carissa orders the death of her sister Villian, an aircraft flies over Folkestone, carrying Kanzaki Kaori who swiftly drops down to confront Carissa. Knight Leader ends up being Kanzaki's enemy,[6] but even with Kanzaki's power of a Saint, the Knight Leader swiftly dispatches her.[7] Meanwhile, Villian is intercepted by Carissa, and with the knights and their leader catching up easily, Carissa swiftly orders Knight Leader to behead the third princess.

Shortly before the execution can be made, something suddenly appears among the knights and the two princesses. William Orwell, now known as Acqua of the Back, carries Villian on his arms.[8]

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  • Carissa: "Isolation is the sole path that will save England.


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