Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 18 was first published on July 10, 2009. It concludes the two-part storyline in the previous novel, ending the British Royal Family Arc. The conclusion of the novel is concurrent with the end of the next novel, setting up the finale of the first novel series.

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London, the headquarters of Necessarius, to which Index belongs to. This city of magic has fallen due to a coup by the "Knight Faction" led by Knight Leader. Because of the coup, the entire country of Britain collapsed into disorder, with ordinary citizens being restricted by the military. In the midst of the upheavals created by the "Reforms" of the "Knight Faction," Necessarius, with the numerous magicians, continues their war of resistance in various places.

Kamijou Touma, who traveled to Folkestone in order to save Index, had finally reached the mastermind of the coup. There waits Acqua of the Back, from "God's Right Seat". And, pointing the tip of a blade towards him, stands the figure of the second princess of the British Royal Family, Carissa...!

When science and magic cross paths, the story shall begin...!


  • Chapter 5: The Mercenary and the Knight's Encounter and Clash — Another_Hero.
  • Chapter 6: The Destruction of the Knight and the Princess's Defenses — Safety_in_Subway.
  • Chapter 7: The Astounding Enemy of the Princess and the Queen — Curtana_Original.
  • Chapter 8: The Queen and the Country's General Elections — Union_Jack.
  • Epilogue: The State and the Black Curtain's Increasing Foes — Next_Step.


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A Certain Magical Index Volume 18
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel v18 cover

Date of Release February 19, 2019[2]
ISBN ISBN 978-0-316-47456-6[2]
Number of Pages 260 pages
In London, main headquarters of the English Puritan Church that Index hails from. This capital of magic has fallen to a coup-de-tat by the Knights faction headed by the Knight Leader. Its effects can be felt throughout the entire United Kingdom, as civilians are arrested or confined by soldiers on city streets. In the turmoil as the Knights' revolution progresses, the Puritan faction which commands the sorcerers continues to resist across the country. Touma Kamijou heads to Folkstone to save Index and finally meets face to face with the coup-de-tat's mastermind. Also present is Acqua of the Back, of God's Right Seat,. And the one he aims his blade at is the second princess of the British royal house, Carissa...! When science and sorcery intersect, stories begin...!


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