Volume 18 Chapter 8
女王と国家の国民総選挙 Union_Jack.
The Queen and the People’s General Election: Union_Jack.
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For the first time since ten years ago, Knight Leader and Acqua of the Back stand at the same side against a common enemy, and Kanzaki Kaori joins the three-on-one battle against Princess Carissa. Although the strength of three powerful beings forced Carissa to a position to pull back and hurt herself in the process, the increasing number of units opposing Carissa becomes advantageous to her, using various tactics to divert the enemy's movements from attacking her to defending their allies.[1] As Carissa regains her superiority, the servants of Buckingham Palace look on in despair until Elizard approaches them, promising to compensate for what they could not provide.[2]

Index v18 356-357

Elizard waves the Union Jack.

Elizard soon exchanges blows with Carissa, but Carissa eventually overwhelms the Curtana Second. Despite this, Elizard wears down on her daughter's logic and lets go of Curtana Second. Carissa attempts to attack Elizard in her unarmed state, but she quickly loses the power of the Curtana Original.[3] Then, Elizard waves the spiritual tool connected to the four territories under the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Union Jack, and distributes the power of the Curtana to every single citizen in the kingdom, leaving the outcome of the coup d'état to the people in what Elizard calls the "people's general election". Upon hearing Elizard's request, some decided to fight, like the civilians detained in the middle of the coup, Villian's servants and New Light, and those people gathered in Buckingham Palace, turning a battle between mother and daughter into a pileup of ninety million against one. Even so, it was Elizard who allows the Telesma shared among the citizens of Britain to be used by a normal person.[4]

With Carissa overwhelmed by the people of Britain, Index gets the chance to use Spell Intercept on the Curtana Original, causing Carissa to lose control of her sword. Touma, seeing this opportunity, asks Acqua to throw him closer to Carissa. Acqua does so by kicking the Ascalon, allowing Touma to launch himself at blinding speed towards Carissa. His right hand destroys the magical sword and smashes into Carissa's face with an impact so strong that his right arm is fractured in the process.[5]

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  • Knight Leader:Let’s go. We shall see how far each of us has grown in the past 10 years.
  • Elizard:Do you truly think that the difference between you and that boy is merely a difference between the abilities of your right hands?”
  • Elizard: Do you truly want to change this country? Even if the large pillars giving shape to the government must be torn down, do you want to protect the people? Then do not rely on any already existing system. If you’re going to do it, at least go this far.


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