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Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 19 was first published on November 10, 2009. It deals with GROUP's and Hamazura Shiage's final efforts against the Dark Side of Academy City. The ending of the novel is concurrent with the ending of the previous one as a set-up for the finale of the series.

Publisher's Summary

"GROUP". As it implies, it's a group of people dealing with incidents from the Dark Side of Academy City. Two members of the group—the strongest Level 5, Accelerator, and a man that's both an esper and a magician, Tsuchimikado Motoharu—teamed up to search about the mysterious keyword "DRAGON". It is believed that the keyword is the only hope to bring down the 'shitty' status quo of the present.

On the other hand, there is someone who found their activities, conducted without any permission from the higher-ups, a nuisance. The man would be a member of the highest authority in Academy City, the supervising Board of Directors. With his influence, he bares his fangs as a powerful obstacle to GROUP.

At the same time, the former members of "ITEM", Hamazura and Kinuhata, paid a visit to Takitsubo... Suddenly, Hamazura's "Doubt of Extreme Bunny Girl Enthusiast" broke out. Hamazura then desperately explains the situation to Kinuhata and Takitsubo who were drawn away to another place, but...?!

Continuing from Volume 15 and the SS series, the "Dark Side of Academy City" arc begins here!

Chapter List

  • Prologue: The Uninteresting Exchanges Between Evil-doers — Key_Shop.
  • Chapter 1: Goodwill Shall Be Trusted for Now — Dark_Hero.
  • Chapter 2: A Simple, Yet Complicated Question — V.S._Calamity.
  • Chapter 3: The Wider Path that is Opened by Destruction — Battle_to_Die.
  • Chapter 4: The Two Monsters that Invite People to Hell — Dragon(≠Angel).
  • Epilogue: Tragedy is Not the End — Brave_in_Hand.


Localized Releases


어떤 마술의 금서목록 19
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v19 Korean cover.jpg
Release Date 한국어 June 10, 2010[2]
ISBN-13 한국어 ISBN 978-89-252-6412-7
Number of Pages 330 pages
학원도시의 어두운 부분에서 일어나는 사건을 처리하는 ‘그룹’.

최강의 레벨 5(초능력자) 액셀러레이터(일방통행), 마술사이기도 하고 능력자이기도 한
츠치미카도 모토하루 등으로 구성된 그 팀은 수수께끼의 키워드 ‘드래곤’에 대해서 찾고 있었다.
그것이 지금의 ‘빌어먹을’ 상황을 타파할 유일한 단서라고 믿고.
한편 상층부에는 무단으로 이루어지고 있던 그 활동을 귀찮게 생각하는 자가 있었다.
그 인물은 학원도시에서 최고의 권력을 가진 총괄이사회 멤버 중 한 사람.
그의 강대한 세력이 ‘그룹’에 이를 드러낸다.
같은 무렵, 전 ‘아이템’의 구성원이었던 하마즈라와 키누하타는 타키츠보에게 문병을 와 있었다.
거기에서 갑자기 일어나는, 하마즈라가 ‘바니걸이라면 환장한다는 의혹’.
분위기 싸해지는 키누하타와 타키츠보를 아랑곳하지 않고, 하마즈라는 결사적인 해명을 하는데⋯?!
15권, SS시리즈에 이어지는 『학원도시의 어두운 부분』 편 등장!


A Certain Magical Index Volume 19
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel v19 cover.jpg
Release Date English June 18, 2019[3]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-1-975-53575-6
Number of Pages 288 pages
In the shadows of Academy City, the special team known only as Group is hard at work to solve yet another incident. The Level 5 esper Accelerator and the man who controls both supernatural and magic powers, Tsuchimikado, are investigating a case where their only clue is the word "dragon." While they struggle to find a way to make progress, a member of Academy City's board of directors bears a terrible grudge against them. Once again, Group finds themselves on the business end of a fearsome weapon!


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