悲劇では終わらせない Brave_in_Hand.
Tragedy is Not the End: Brave_in_Hand.
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Atop a construction site, Aiwass contacts Aleister through a mobile phone, and their conversation revolves around the concept of a hero, as well as two characters he referred to as Imagine Breaker and #1. Aiwass' words sound like a challenge to Aleister, and the General Superintendent resounds his conviction that he will use Aiwass and everything he can to further his plans. The mysterious being responds by reminding Aleister of his extent of powers and decides to reappear when something of interest shows up.

Yomikawa Aiho wakes up and discovers that Last Order is gone, and she finds a bloody note that tells Aiho about saving Last Order. The one who wrote the letter, Accelerator, takes Last Order on a train ride out of Academy City, cautiously following Aiwass' advice to head to Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations where a war is about to break out. In order to save Last Order, Accelerator destroys his phone (and his only link to Academy City at the moment) and proceeds on the long trip to Russia.

Shiage and Rikou prepare to leave the supersonic plane by parachute, but the sight of Rikou's dismal condition worries him. However, after an intimate exchange of words, they start focusing on their destination, which is near Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations. Shiage detonates the plane's passenger door and the two, with parachutes prepared, are thrown into the air outside.

Meanwhile, a certain spiky-haired boy heads to Russia in order to save the girl with 103,000 grimoires in her head. And the only way he can do it is by defeating Fiamma of the Right.

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  • What time in Aleister's past was Aiwass referring to?


  • Aiwass: "Standing on one’s own two legs and speaking through a tool of civilization has its own value. Although it may have a class to it that a man who floats upside down in a glass tube for efficiency’s sake simply cannot understand."


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