悪党の退屈なやりとり Key_Shop.
Boring Deals Between Villains: Key_Shop.
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Accelerator personally visits a man named Depart in a lavish unit on Academy City's District 15. This man is an expert in black-market trade, particularly in providing tools in eluding incoming threats to oneself. The rank-first Level 5 witnesses Depart's personality as well as his "hobby" of committing violent acts, and he proceeds to show off 10 million yen to Depart. Depart initially assumed that the money is for buying out the unconscious girl that he used as a punching bag. However, Accelerator exposes his real intention of buying Depart instead, which was immediately answered by Depart with aggression. In response, Accelerator slaughters Depart, leaving a mess of blood and flesh in his wake.

The Level 5 reports about finishing the job and orders the other end of the line to send out a set of clean clothes to the girl in Depart's possession. Then, after ending the call, he throws out the 10 million yen to the bruised girl and informs her of her freedom. The girl asks for Accelerator's name, but instead calls himself a villain before leaving.

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  • Depart's penthouse suite - District 15, Academy City



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  • Why was there a hit against Depart?


  • Accelerator: "… Also, a set of woman’s clothing. The size? No idea, just bring a random set that’s wearable. There’s no use asking you classless grunts for specifics. And send only women as part of the recovery crew. If there’s a single male in the team I’ll kick his fucking balls apart."
  • Accelerator: "Live freely from now on. For the rest of your life, whether it is a success or failure is up to your own efforts."


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