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Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20 was first published on March 10, 2010. It marks the first usage of three-part novel storyline in the novel series. It is the first novel that depicts the events of World War III for the finale of the series. It gathers all three protagonist in the same novel for the first time since the first SS novel.

Publisher's Summary

October 18th.

Russia declared the beginning of the Third World War.

The conflict between Academy City and Russia will expand to the level where it will involve all other nations. The ones behind the scenes manipulating it all are the last member of "God's Right Seat" and the bearer of the "Holy Right", Fiamma, and the man who watches and plans in secrecy, unknown to the rest of the world, Aleister Crowley.

In the fires of the World War, there is a group of people that run to and fro.

A high school student of Academy City, Kamijou Touma, aiming to free an unconscious Index from the grasp of Fiamma after the incident of fighting over an artifact in England.

The strongest esper, Accelerator, aiming to save Last Order, who’s in a critical condition after the mysterious appearance of the entity "Aiwass".

Originally a lackey for the group ITEM, Hamazura Shiage, aiming to save Takitsubo Rikou who is physically weakened after she overdosed herself on the "powder" that boosted her abilities.

The three of them holding three different thoughts, three different paths that should never meet, converge in Russia. And what awaits them there is…

Chapter List

  • Proclamation of War
  • Prologue: The Sky is Filled with the Scent of Gunpowder — Shooting_Game.
  • Chapter 1: Good and Evil, Their Respective Entrance into the Country — World_War_III.
  • Chapter 2: The Start of Attack and Counterattack — Angel_Stalker.
  • Chapter 3: The Stand-Off Against the Wall of Doubt — Great_Complex.
  • Chapter 4: Now is the Time to Strike Back — Heroes_Congregate.
  • Epilogue: War Report


Localized Releases


어떤 마술의 금서목록 20
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v20 Korean cover.jpg
Release Date 한국어 September 10, 2010[2]
ISBN-13 한국어 ISBN 978-89-252-6812-5
Number of Pages 344 pages
10월 18일. 러시아에서 제3차 세계대전의 선전포고가 이루어졌다.

학원도시와 러시아의 격돌은 전 세계를 끌어들인 대규모의 전쟁이 된다.
이 배경에는 ‘하느님의 오른쪽 자리’ 최후의 한 사람, 피안마의 정치적 암약이 있었다.
그런 세계대전의 전화(戰火) 속을 바쁘게 뛰어다니는 자들이 있었다.
학원도시의 고등학생 카미조 토우마는 피안마가 영적장치를 탈취한 영향으로
혼수상태가 된 인덱스를 해방하기 위해.
최강의 레벨 5(초능력자) 액셀러레이터(일방통행)는 수수께끼의 존재
‘에이와스’가 출현하는 바람에 높은 부하가 걸린 라스트 오더를 구하기 위해.
전 암부조직 ‘아이템’의 심부름꾼 하마즈라 시아게는
능력 촉진제 ‘체정’을 남용하는 바람에 쇠약해진 타키츠보 리코를 치료하기 위해.
그들은 각자의 마음을 품고 긴박한 러시아로 향한다! 그곳에서 기다리고 있었던 것은⋯.
과학과 마술이 교차할 때, 이야기는 시작된다――!


A Certain Magical Index Volume 20
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel v20 cover.jpg
Release Date English October 1, 2019[3]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-1-975-33125-2
Number of Pages 288 pages
October 18th. World War III has begun. As the flames of conflict between Academy City and Russia spread further, many other countries suddenly find themselves pulled into the fight. Fiamma, the only remaining active member of God's Right Seat, attempts to control everything from the shadows while others run straight into the heart of the storm! Kamijou will travel as far as necessary to revive the magically comatose Index; Accelerator won't let even a war stop him from saving Last Order; and Hamazura must find a way to heal Takitsubo's stimulant-abused body. Though their goals are all different, it is fate that these three will cross paths in Russia, where something sinister lies in wait for them...!


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