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The figurehead of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, is still in the road to recovery after the attack by Fiamma of the Right. In the outbreak of the war, the clergy is split between those overcome with fear and those who follow Fiamma's words. A nun soon barges into the Pope's hospital room to bring terrible news, which involves civilians wanting to confront the Roman Catholic Church in protest, and the young priest who is visiting the Pope see this as a problem that may cost the lives of civilians.

As the young priest leaves the room with the nun to take action to avoid putting innocent lives at stake, the Pope regains consciousness and immediately turns on the television only to discover the grave situation. After changing to his papal robes, the Pope opens a magical communication line with Vasilisa, who is currently fighting her comrades, notably one whose name is Skogsfru. The Pope expects that a conclave would happen soon and will have to act not as the Pope but as a follower of the Roman Catholic Church.

In Russia, Fiamma talks to a flustered Nikolai Tolstoy through a magical device, responding to Nikolai's fears as a participant in the war. Fiamma reminds Nikolai of his plans to overthrow the current Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church and assures him that he has a secret weapon prepared: Archangel Gabriel, which can be called forth using Misha Kreutzev. Afterwards, he announces that the time for "Project Bethlehem" has come. 

In the airspace above the Sea of Japan, Ekalielya A. Pronskaya hears about the Kremlin Report, which is in fact a biological weapon designed to eliminated invaders in the event of a forceful occupation of nuclear facilities. The Academy City pilot who delivered her this news asks if she is sure that the Russian government is going to protect the people, but Ekalielya initially suspects this as a form of black propaganda. However, her opinion wavers as the Academy City pilot sends out data about the ominous report. 

The topic of the Kremlin also reached Dover Strait, with Carissa and the Maiden of Versailles talking about it as they clash swords. The Maiden is determined to stop Carissa's march to France which would help England in interfering with Russia's plans, but although Carissa did not deny that conquering Europe is part of her plans, she will do so without any bloodshed, something that Carissa is unsure will happen with the Roman Catholic Church. Regardless, Carissa leaves the decision to the Maiden of Versailles. 

In Academy City's District 23, two HsB-02 bombers are occupied by two Level 5s. One is boarded by Mugino Shizuri, whose left arm glows with a bluish white light and has an obsession towards Shiage. The other, boarded by Misaka Mikoto who disables a group of soldiers and puts the pilot under her mercy while she asks for a trip to Russia. 

Elsewhere in Academy City, Aiwass confronts Kazakiri Hyouka about her future actions in light of the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel in Misha Kreutzev. Hyouka herself is unsure about fighting Misha, but Aiwass freely allows Hyouka to determine her decision and assures her that a virus to help her manifest is no longer needed this time. Kazakiri eventually decides to fight on the condition that Aiwass will not touch her friends.

Unlike before where her manifestation was without any free will, Fuse Kazakiri shoots out past the fighter planes in the Sea of Japan, causing confusion in both sides. The only thing that Ekalielya saw as it shoots past them was an "angel". True enough, Fuse Kazakiri, wielding a sword of light, flies to Russia to save her friends.

In the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, before heading to the center of the battlefield, Touma delivered a message to the then-unconscious Accelerator by writing Index's name on a piece of parchment he found in the Level 5's pocket, referring to her as someone who can help him in his problem. Meanwhile, Touma, accompanied by Lessar, musters the courage to push forward for Index's sake, regardless of if his actions are considered as selfish to some.

In St. George's Cathedral, Stiyl Magnus continues watching over the unconscious Index. Meanwhile, he protests a plan by Archbishop Laura Stuart to use another remote control similar to the one captured by Fiamma to counter his control over Index. Laura remains adamant of her decision as the leader of the Church of England and confronts Stiyl, who continues to oppose her, using the powers of Index under John's Pen Mode.

Index v20 368-369

Left to right, top to bottom: John's Pen Mode Index, Accelerator watching over Last Order, Misaka Mikoto preparing for the trip to Russia, Kamijou Touma and Lessar, Fiamma of the Right, Acqua of the Back and Hamazura Shiage.

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  • Vasilisa: "Hi, you dandy gentleman. Do you still have your position as the Roman pope?"
  • Academy City pilot: "Are your superiors really trying to protect the Russian people?"
  • Mugino Shizuri: "…Let’s have some fuuun, Haaamazuraaa."
  • Kamijou Touma: "What’s all this about reasons and justifications? I don’t need any of that!! Am I not allowed to stand up to fight without a logical motive!? Index is suffering. She can’t show me her usual smile. I’ll fight with just that!! That’s enough! I’m not thinking up any excuses!! I’m not gonna spend any more time worrying and worrying about finding a logical reason!!"
  • Laura Stuart: "I am the head of the church. I have plenty of people I can use. How long do you really think you can last?"


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