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After a moment of shock, Mikoto listens to Misaka 10777 as she confirms Russia's decision to use nuclear warheads against the Star of Bethlehem, although the command lies on a man named Nikolai Tolstoy. Mikoto is in disbelief that a nuclear warhead can be detonated without the command of the president of Russia, but Misaka 10777 explains that some warheads were retrieved then modified so that others can activate the warheads. The Misaka clone also discusses the possible fallout caused by a nuclear warhead detonated at the current altitude of the Star of Bethlehem and speculates that the contamination caused by the blast can affect the entire world. In response to the dangers in the scenario of a nuclear weapon detonation, Mikoto decides to stop the plan, starting by stealing a nearby Academy City vehicle to locate the vehicle that would launch the warhead.

Stiyl's battle against Index continues further into St. George's Cathedral. Index unleashes the Sword of the Harvest God Freyr in an attempt to quickly finish off Stiyl, but he already managed to gather enough of the artifacts in the spiritual item library of the cathedral to help him summon Innocentius thrice.

Shiage and Rikou part ways with Acqua of the Back and later soon reach the mountain where the first stage of the Kremlin Report is to be initiated. As Shiage becomes nervous about making a move against several trained soldiers, Rikou suggests waiting until the security loosens, since the entire process of spreading the virus will also require the security detail to evacuate due to its lethality. Shiage, however, rejects the plan, since they cannot afford any more delays. Instead, he focuses on shutting down the power generators that fuel the steam dispensers.

The Russian soldiers soon discover intruders nearby and both Shiage and Rikou are put in danger of being eliminated. But, Academy City fighter planes soon attack the steam dispensers, consuming it and the nearby vehicles in a fierce blaze. A radio that is thrown by the blast near Shiage reveals that the fighter plane came from Academy City's forces who went straight to Russia after the Russian air troops granted access to the planes from Academy City. In order to thoroughly destroy the biological weapons, the area is fired upon several times, and the ensuing chaos, as well as the relief of destroying the threat to Digurv's village and the fatigue of fighting caused Shiage to pass out.

Shiage soon wakes up to the sound of Mugino Shizuri's voice, and he is forced to face her while Rikou is still missing. However, Shiage accepts that he has to confront Mugino once more, and steels himself for the incoming fight.

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(clockwise, from top left) Kamijou Touma faces Fiamma of the Right; Stiyl against John's Pen Mode Index; Misaka Mikoto cooperates with Misaka 10777; and Mugino Shizuri appears.

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  • Kameyama Ryuuta: "Hey. From the magnetic reaction, I can tell someone’s there. If you’re someone who volunteered from the goodness of your heart, then I’d like to shake your hand. I’m pretty much the same."
  • Mugino Shizuri: "It’s been a while, Haamazuraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"


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