Proclamation of Armistice
Proclamation of Armistice
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Ollerus saves fiamma

Fiamma, having survived his attack by Aleister only to by left to die outside in the snowstorm ridden plains of Russia, is found by the duo of Ollerus and Silvia. They promise him protection and in return that he gives them what he saw and heard, so that they may able to read between the lines of the Aeon of Osiris you are from to see Crowley's Aeon of Horus which comes after. When Fiamma asks who they are, Ollerus introduces himself as "a pathetic magician who once should have become a Magic God, but had that position stolen by One-Eyed Othinus."

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  • "Othinus" is the Latinized version of Odin, with "Ollerus" being the romanized version of Ullr.

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  • Who exactly is Ollerus and Silvia? What plans do they have regarding Fiamma's fate?


"We can't let this meaningless war continue."

"Our side has clearly examined the conditions proposed by Academy City, and we will continue to discuss this. We'll negotiate about the details, but we can assure that Russia will not end up disadvantaged."

"In the past, we ignored the advice of the public, followed the suggestions of a few people and were unable to undo our choice. As for how tragic the situation was, I suppose everyone knows it better than I do. Regarding this historical error, we can't make any excuses."

"At least what I can do is to end all these abnormal situations as soon as possible, and let the world regain the peace that it should have had."

"Before all of these end, we shall be punished."

"So before that, please give me some time."

"A minority may be unhappy with this result, and may feel that putting down our arms isn't what we should do. However, I want everyone to calm down and think: what were we fighting for? If it's to fight for our family, our friends, our lovers, all the people that are important to us, this is the time, the moment to get all of 'these'. Continuing to fight on will only cause you to lose 'these'."

"The thing that made us recognize this were the actions of everyone on the battlefield."

"Facing the supernatural disaster near the end of the war, we chose a 'correct' move that's way above us, helping everyone, enemies and allies, without any difference. I believe that we can accept this ending."

"From now on, I declare that all fighting will cease. I hope for everyone to agree with this decision, and will be recorded for a future peaceful world to see."

"30th October, Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church"

"Krans R. Tsarskiy"


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