War Report
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Fiamma of the Right has moved onto the last stages of his plan. The Star of Bethlehem has risen from the ground with Kamijou Touma trapped on board, and Archangel Gabriel has been sent out to eliminate his enemies. Hamazura Shiage has managed to reach a field hospital in the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations where the Ability Body Crystal has been been successfully removed from Takitsubo Rikou's body. However, they discover the existence of the Kremlin Report and thus head out to warn Digurv's Village from the impending destruction. Meanwhile Accelerator, who is still looking for a way to cure Last Order's condition by deciphering the Lambskin Parchments he possesses, has become targeted by Fiamma of the Right due to the parchments.

Elsewhere, Kazakiri Hyouka faces off against Archangel Gabriel for the sake of protecting her friends. Back in the Vatican, former Pope Matthai Reese leads the resistance against the Roman Catholic Church and confronts Cardinal Pietro Yogdis regarding his actions. Bishop Nikolai Tolstoy issues orders to wipe out the Star of Bethlehem out of rage upon discovering he has been cast away from Fiamma's plans now that he has lost his value. After recently arriving in the Russian battlefield, Misaka Mikoto learns about a nuclear warhead about to be launched from a Sisters's interception of a transmission.

Accelerator interferes with the fight between Gabriel and Kazakiri. Acqua of the Back then uses his alignment over the element of water in order to strip down Gabriel's power by guiding the Telesma making up its body into his own body. And finally, Kamijou Touma further damages Gabriel by destroying the ceremony room aboard the Star of Bethlehem using his Imagine Breaker. Now the stage has been set. The ultimate showdown between two special right arms is about to begin.

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