Chapter 1
鍋と肉と食欲の大戦術 A_Required_Thing.
Pot with Meat and the Appetite for Great Tactics — A_Required_Thing.
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Index SSv01 019

Misfortune strikes when Aisa returns to the spotlight.

Because of Index's fridge raid, Touma is forced to attend school and endure a growling stomach until lunch time. Aisa goes to eat lunch with him, and is even generous to share some of her food. Everything goes fine until Aisa chokes on Touma's taro; as Touma tries to rub her back to ease the passage of food, he unclasps her bra accidentally. That awarded him a right hook from Aisa.[1]

Soon, Touma is joined by Fukiyose Seiri, who tells Touma of news about tensions between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church building up. Soon, the topic in the room shifts to the Ichihanaransai, to commodities, to nabe. Soon, Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce discuss plans for an eat-out with the class.[1] The commotion they made soon reaches their teacher Tsukuyomi Komoe and Yomikawa Aiho, who were talking about having and losing roommates along the way, and as she opens the classroom door, it seems that the class has settled for sukiyaki.[2]

Index SSv01 002-003 Textless

Kamijou, Index and his entire class go out for a dinner.

On the nabe store Tsuchimikado recommended earlier, the entire class where Touma belongs, Index, Komoe and Sphynx fill the store, heartily eating and making a ruckus. While some of the class talk about Tokiwadai students' parents fearing for their daughters' lives, Touma focuses on Index's appetite and various other things that might come up for him. He senses that misfortune is coming for him.[3]

Touma soon leaves the store for a whiff of fresh air, and there, he is joined by Tsuchimikado Motoharu. He realizes that war is starting, and he needs to prepare for it, especially to protect his friends and classmates. However, learning English is the wrong way to prepare. As he is punched by Tsuchimikado, he loses the last chance of eating his share of meat.[4]

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  • Ability raising the sound - Unnamed A Certain High School student




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  • Cat cannot eat green onion because it may cause digestive upset.

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  • It seems that somehow Kamijou is hell-bent on beating words into two billion opponents.


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