Chapter 3
父の願いは接点と交流を — 二月、第四金曜日
A Father's Wish Creates a Point of Contact and an Interaction — The Fourth Friday of February.
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Kamijou Touya has traveled to Italy for some business negotiations, of which afterwards he remarks at the local carnival happening around the city. He meets a young street merchant by the name of Balbina, and asks what it was about. She replies that it was for the citizens fill themselves with food right before a time of fasting, although certain other traditions became mixed in. Complaining about the lackluster explanation, Touya then asks if the glass masks they were wearing was involved with it. She says they are not, before immediately trying to sell Touya one of her masks. He tries to give her business advice after witnessing that exchange, but she is clearly not interested as she flatly asks if he was going to buy something or not. In response, Touya requests a good luck charm, but is presented with a 'lucky' one dollar bill at the price of 100 euros. He points out that Italy doesn't even use dollars, and quickly stops the transaction after Balbina pulls out a receipt in effort to pressure him. At this time however, Balbina notices the approach of Lidvia Lorenzetti, causing her to hastily pack up her tent of goods and flee, claiming that Lidvia would stop her from conducting her sales, especially when ripping off tourists. 

Touya is then introduced to Lidvia, who asks if he has seen an "unintelligent little lamb in the middle of her rebellious age". He cheekily lies that he only saw a "charming young lady with freckles" with a smile, while asking if she was Balbina's teacher or parent, who she had mentioned to hate. Annoyed by Touya's obvious lie, she denies both and says that she is a missionary for the Roman Catholic Church. They then head their separate ways, but inadvertently meet up with each other five other times. In exasperation, she asks why Touya appears in the same locations Balbina was at, who claims he is looking for Italian souvenirs. She points out that they can be bought in many different places in town, but Touya clarifies that he was looking specifically for good luck charms. He explains his intention in trying to rid his son Touma of his misfortune, causing Lidvia to laugh in ectasy at the immense challenge presented to her.

Lidvia runs off yelling for Balbina, before dragging her back to Touya by the neck. Pouting at the assumption she is here to lecture her on her part-time job, Balbina is then informed about the situation. Balbina pulls out strange dolls and dried plants from her bag and writes in her notebook. She explains that she has gathered all the items she has that don't need a chant or a ceremony and has an effect even if left alone. Lidvia warns that it would be bad if he was caught by an anti-magician organization where he lives, but Balbina brushes off the concerns stating that the items barely qualified as a spiritual item and were so subtle even professional magicians would believe them to be simple souvenirs.

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Lidvia's elation and new plan.

After Touya leaves, Lidvia runs off to tell Oriana Thomson the good news. She bumps into Oriana, causing her to spill her gelato as she continues to be in ectasy. Ignoring Oriana's plight, she explains how today she discovered that she was mistaken about the Japanese for thinking that they were the enemies of society by hosting the scientific institutions of Academy City, but never realized that there would be a father in Japan who cared so much for his son. She says that they may have to alter their plan in capturing Academy City using a gentler and more peaceful one. Asking why Lidvia is so worked up, Oriana then sighs in exasperation when Balbina explains it to her. Still in joy, Lidvia suddenly yells and then bumps Oriana with her wiggling hips, making her fall to the ground again. Ignoring this, Lidvia claims that difficulties are called difficulties because they aren't easily solved, and says that they should start solving it from one end for the sake of those who do not know how fun it is. She informs them that they need to prepare the spiritual item since it is heavily affected by the stars, and therefore must take measurements for the corresponding coordinates for the location. Balbina runs off again as Lidvia continues her excited rambling, but Oriana is captured by Lidvia when she attempts to do the same.


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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Touya makes reference the Rio Carnival when comparing festivals from Brazil to Europe.
  • This chapter chronologically takes place sometime after Valentine's Day, as stated by the narration.
  • Balbina's explanation behind the carnival references the religious observance of Lent.
  • Touya's advise on running a business uses the festivals of Ennichi as an example.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What happens to Balbina after she runs away again?



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