Chapter 8
くノ一は突然出現するもの — 五月、第四金曜日
A Kunoichi Is Someone Who Appears Unexpectedly — The Fourth Friday of May.
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Hamazura Shiage is in the process of breaking into a sports car, while internally protesting Komaba Ritoku's sudden decision in making him the successor of leadership in his Skill-Out faction if something were to happen to him. Out of nowhere, a mysterious female voices calls out "Hamazura-shi" towards him. Although he initially dismisses it as simply hearing things, he discovers that it is Kuruwa when she pops out from underneath the sports car, making him startle in surprise. Hamazura had met Kuruwa a week before looking for his best friend Hanzou, who seemed to be trying to hide from her. Hamazura becomes irritated upon taking in her full appearance, as compared to his own cheap and shambled clothing, Kuruwa used high-quality materials to make what he believed a terrible looking yukata.

He immediately tells her that he doesn't know where Hanzou is either, but when she replies her odd manner of speaking makes him confused. Despite that, Hamazura decides in his mind that the only matter that was important was that she had amazing breasts, making Hamazura wonder why Hanzou would want to avoid someone as well-equipped as Kuruwa's. While he peeks at her figure, Hamazura begins to notice that her yukata resembles that of a kunoichi. Right after, he realizes that Hanzou's name is identical to that of the legendary ninja Hanzou Hattori. He dismisses that train of thought though, and goes back to trying to break into the sports car instead. However, Kuruwa suddenly shouts that she must eliminate him, having known too much information.

In response, Hamazura remarks that kind of obvious reaction was pretty stupid for a ninja. He continues by asking if Hanzou was truly a descendant of a "near future-like Shinobi Soldier", causing Kuruwa to become even more flustered. He then questions why he was even being pursued by Kuruwa, before asking Kuruwa what ninja group she belongs to, if Hanzou was supposedly a descendent of the Hattori clan. While Kuruwa hesitates in answering, Hamazura ultimately concludes that Hanzou must be involved in some kind of ninja faction conspiracy that's going to drag him into some kind of miraculous battle. Under the belief that Hamazura actually knows what he is talking about, Kuruwa nervously sweats and threatens that she cannot let him return alive.

In utter disbelief, Hamazura complains that the ninja world has such cheap conspiracies, burying his head in his hands in exasperation. As he wonders how he should act, Kuruwa confidently tells Hamazura to prepare herself, before pulling out a handgun out of her sleeve. To her chagrin, Hamazura is utterly disappointed by this and wonders if that was really okay for a ninja to use. Apparently feeling guilty, Kuruwa tries to justify herself by saying that a ninja is always armed with the latest equipment, and references that the ninjas during the Warring States up to the Edo period used Arquebus arquebuses camouflaged as staffs and inro inro.

Hamazura simply clarifies that he doesn't actually care about how it worked in real life history and shames her for destroy people's dreams of what ninjas are like. He rambles off a list of several clichéd ninja techniques that he wants to see, such as splitting into multiple versions of herself in a puff of smoke, among other types of ninja stereotypes. At this point, Kuruwa has completely forgotten about searching for Hanzou and is begging him to not go with such a sorrowful look in his eyes. Much to Hamazura's annoyance, his dramatic acting didn't help the slightest in sneaking away from her, although Kuruwa is still unaware of his ulterior motives.

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Kuruwa's sexy ninja technique.

In a desperate attempt to impress Hamazura, Kuruwa promises that she is going to show to him a real ninja technique, although he doesn't believe any of her words. Kuruwa protests that she is being serious about this, and teases him that he is lucky for having such a rare chance to see the technique. Hearing this, Hamazura becomes genuinely interested in seeing a real ninja technique, and is invited into a back alley by Kuruwa. Under the assumption that she doesn't want to use her ninja technique in public, Kuruwa confirms this idea, although she adds that it is also embarrassing too.

Much to his shock and confusion, Kuruwa begins stripping her clothes off right before his eyes. He asks what she was doing, to which Kuruwa bluntly states that Hamazura said he wanted to see a kunoichi technique. He claims that this wasn't what he expected to see, but then becomes excited at the prospect of ogling her naked body, under the belief she's actually committed to the task. Unfortunately for him, Kuruwa twists her hips as she continues undressing, which inconveniences Hamazura as he can't see her assets from his angle. By the time he realizes that she is distracting his attention, Kuruwa has already knocked him unconscious with a sneak attack.


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