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"The Girl's Name is Index" (少女の字は禁書目録インデックス Shōjo no Na wa Indekkusu?) is the second chapter of Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on May 12, 2007.


The nun introduces herself as Index, a nun from the Anglican Church, and she recalls being chased and shot in the back, only to escape unscathed due to the nun's habit she wears, which is called a Walking Church. Index, however, only knows that members of a magic cabal are chasing her. Touma and Index's opposing beliefs on magic and science soon erupt into an argument between the two, eventually returning to the issue at hand — the pursuit of Index, particularly due to the 103,000 magical books inside her head.

Index soon shifts her focus on Touma's right hand, which he claims is something that can nullify supernatural phenomena or esper abilities. As Touma is doubtful of Index's claim of possessing 103,000 books inside her, Index is just as skeptical on Touma's right hand. Index then decides to test Touma's right hand by using her Walking Church. Moments after Touma placed his right hand on her clothes, the Walking Church is ripped apart, stripping Index completely naked. After biting Touma like a mosquito, Index toiled by herself, trying to mend her nun's habit. Fortunately, she manages to bring it back to a functional form, but only with the use of a lot of pins.

Soon, Touma is reminded of supplementary lessons and heads out. Index decides to leave as well, concerned that her pursuers would destroy his room if she stayed. As Index runs off with some cleaning robots chasing her, Touma heads to a certain high school for his class.

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Unanswered Questions

  • Why is Index being chased?
  • Who are the two people outside of Kamijou Touma's dormitory and what is their purpose?


  • Index: "Then together with me will you follow me to the depths of the hell?" - to Kamijou Touma



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