"Magician" (魔術師 Majutsushi?) is the third chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on June 12, 2007.


During his class, Touma has to toil through lessons given by his teacher in Class 1-7, Tsukuyomi Komoe, a woman who looks like an elementary school pupil. However, he instead ended up arguing with a close friend of his, a boy with blue hair and piercings. He spent the remainder of the day at school, so he ends up walking back home after he had missed the last bus. On his way back, a tired Touma shrugs off an encounter with Mikoto, only to incite her electrified anger. Elsewhere, Touma is once again confronted by Mikoto after their last "fight" the night before, but Touma was able to escape unharmed due to his mysterious right hand.

Touma heads back to his apartment after driving away Mikoto. There, he sees Index sprawled on the ground and surrounded by three cleaning robots. Initially relieved to see Index again, Touma's mind goes haywire at the sight of Index with a large gash running across her back.

Touma then meets one of Index's captors, a towering man with red hair and black clothes, and confronts him about Index. Upon discovering Touma's knowledge of Index's nature, the man, a magician himself, decides to explain about Index and the need to retrieve her. Then, after a short introduction, the man who calls himself Fortis931, Stiyl Magnus decides to eliminate Touma using his fire magic. But Touma survives the attack unscathed due to the same right hand that destroyed Index's Walking Church.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Kamijou Touma fights against Stiyl Magnus.


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New AbilitiesEdit

  • Fire Magic - Stiyl Magnus
  • Photographic Memory - Index Librorum Prohibitorum



Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Columbus' Egg is explained, where the esper is forced to make the egg stand on it's tip using their abilities without touching it or ruining the egg.
  • Kansai lies in the southern-central region of Japan's main island Honshū.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What does Fortis931 mean?


  • Kamijou Touma: Even if it's flame or whatever after all, it's just supernatural ability.........!
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