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"The Second Event" (第ニ種目 Dai Ni Shumoku?) is the 68th chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on April 12, 2013. It deals with Touma coming to realize that Academy City and the Daihaseisai is in danger by magicians, and that his friend Tsuchimikado Motoharu.


Touma walks into Seiri naked in a classroom. Touma tries to explain himself to her, and though she seems to tolerate him, this is thrown out of the window or in this case the door after he looks up to her naked body after wondering why she isn't mad at him.

He reunites with Index. She wonder why he looks tearful though Touma doesn't answer directly. As there is still time left for the next event, the Ball Rolling Event, Touma escorts Index to the food stalls, much to her excitement. But her joy is cut short when their route is blocked for the upcoming parade and the detour is too far away and would take too much time. Just as Index readies to bite Touma, he is spirited away by Misaka Mikoto, dragging him as part of her requirement in her event, the Scavenger Hunt Race. This is shown on television and Kuroko, who is with Kazari, just happens to see it as well as the fact that Touma is Mikoto's partner. Touma is depressed by the turn of events, as Mikoto has gained points for their contest, while he, who ran along with her while being dragged did not get any. As a consolation, Mikoto tries to give Touma her sports drink but realizes that she's been sipping on it as well, and that is also an indirect kiss. Despite being embarrassed by it, Mikoto shoves the drink into Touma's face, and fulfilling and indirect kiss with the oblivious Touma.

Trying to find his way back, he comes upon Stiyl Magnus, and to his surprise, his friend, Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Motoharu notices this, and to Touma's surprise again, reveals himself as a magician of the Necessarius. But much more than this, he reveals that he is a spy for multiple organizations. Stiyl interrupts their conversation to remind them that they are there because a magician has infiltrated the city.

During the Ball Rolling Event, Touma is too preoccupied with his thoughts of what Stiyl and Motoharu said. They said to him that a magicians have infiltrated the city in order to trade a magic artifact, the Stab Sword, an artifact that is said to slay Saints with one strike. Due to several other conditions, the trio has to operate without any back-up. Reality catches up to Touma and he is trampled in the Ball Rolling Event. Worried, Touma hands Index to Komoe in hopes of meeting up with Motoharu again.

With Motoharu, he explains to him of why the Stab Sword is so dangerous to Saints, the political value of Saints, as well as the fallout of what would happen when the balance between the organizations of the magic side are shaken by dead Saints. Motoharu also tells him that magicians are also looking out for Index, and as such, getting her involved will have the other magicians intervene in the operation. With that, the already pressed Necessarius operatives are even more pressured to finish the job on their own and as discreetly as they can. Motoharu tells Touma to keep Index diverted away from places that have a likelihood of a magic battle occurring.

Meanwhile, Komoe is finally able to brighten up Index's foul mood by feeding her. Index wonders if she won't be see Touma all day as he is so busy. Hearing her, Komoe decides to do something about it and take her away. Touma arrives at the food stall area looking for Index and Komoe, knowing of Index's appetite. He later hears Sphynx in a small botanical area, and finds the kitten there. Wondering where its master went, he later finds Index and Komoe, much to his terror, not decent. Index is predictably angry and tries to bite Touma, but he moves away just in time for Index to instead give him a kiss on the cheek. Index becomes flustered of kissing Touma, ending her rampage. Touma tries to console her but saying that it did not count, but it only annoys Index.

However, somewhere in Academy City, a blonde woman is being accosted by two men. However, with her words, they are put in a spell and later leave her alone. This is the magician Oriana Thomson.

Major Events

  • Touma is roped once again into the affairs of Necessarius, this time to prevent a trade from taking place in Academy City.
    • Touma discovers that Motoharu is a magician and a spy for various organizations.
  • The Scavenger Hunt Race and Ball Rolling Event concludes.

Adapted From


New Characters


  • Teleport - Shirai Kuroko, Level 4 (referenced)
  • Auto-Rebirth - Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Level 0 (referenced)

New Abilities

  • Oriana Thomson's magic - Oriana Thomson.


New Locations

No new locations were introduced this chapter.


  • As Volume 4 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel was never adapted for the manga, Motoharu's revealing he is a magician and a spy to Touma is instead inserted right after Touma finds Stiyl and Motoharu together.
  • The manga shows that Touma's school won the Ball Rolling Event, giving him two victories for his contest with Mikoto.
  • Although momentarily, this chapter marks the first time that Motoharu is not seen without glasses
  • As with the 9th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel volume, this marks the first time Touma is kissed, albeit accidentally. No girl would be able to kiss him again until the 11th volume of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index by Shokuhou Misaki, and an actual deliberate act.


  • Touma and Mikoto's contest introduced in chapter 66 is once again mentioned.[1]
  • Chapter 57 is referenced when Motoharu notes that Touma should remember that he was with and familiar with Kanzaki in her hospital visit to Touma.[2]

Cultural References

  • Motoharu references himself as an Onmyōji expert, someone who is an expert practitioner of Onmyōdō, an esoteric cosmological belief system. Onmyōjis were specialists in magic and divination, and were capable of summoning shikigami.
  • The term of Son of God is referenced during Motoharu's lecture regarding Saints. It is one of Jesus Christ's titles. Jesus Christ is never mentioned by name throughout the chapter.
    • Motoharu references the crucifixion of Christ and how Jesus Christ was killed by being stabbed. This is a reference to Jesus Christ being stabbed in the side with a lance, which is later known as the Holy Lance.

Unanswered Questions

  • What other organizations does Motoharu work for?
  • Why does Motoharu say that his esper ability is incomplete?


  • Kuroko: "That monkey!!! Get off of me!! To appear in a public transmission along with Onee-sama, that's...!!! This is it! I won't wait leisurely until my injuries are cured!!"-Kuroko after seeing Touma with Mikoto on television.
  • Mikoto: "Isn't this what society calls an indirect ki-...!?"-Mikoto after realizing she would be giving an indirect kiss to Touma if he drank from her bottle.
  • Komoe: "Okay, let's enliven this Daihaseisai together with Kamijou-chan!"-To Index.
  • Oriana: "...Whenever there's a festival, my heart gets really excited. Fufu... It makes me feel really hot."



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