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Silent Coin (表裏の騒静サイレントコイン Sairento Koin?) is the 69th chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on May 11, 2013. It details Touma's first encounter with Oriana Thomson.


Seiri arrives in the botanical area to find Touma, Komoe, and Index in a compromising situation. Seeing how everyone is working so hard except for Touma angers Seiri and punches Touma for being a "traitor" to their high school. She later drags him away, though his mind is still on the magician that has infiltrated the city. However, Seiri notices the distant and preoccupied look on him, and asks if Daihaseisai is boring him. Seiri explains that if is boring him then all her efforts as member of the even committee were not enough. She tells Touma that she wants Daihaseisai to be a success because she wants to make many good memories with everyone.

Touma is surprised by this, making Seiri notice his stare. As they once again get into an argument, someone bumps into Touma, leading to his forehead lightly bumping into Seiri's. They look into each other's eyes but it ends rather abruptly as Seiri headbutts Touma out of her sight. Her attack makes Touma spin, eventually making him bump into a woman wearing work clothes and a large board covered in a sheet. Touma immediately tries to apologize, but the woman says to him to pay no mind as she is all right. With all that said and done, the woman offers to shake hands with Touma but also asks if he wants a kiss. Touma tries to respond that he wants the kiss, but Seiri shuts him down with an annoyed punch on his person. Touma eventually relents and shakes the woman's hand, elated on how she is able to touch a beautiful woman like her.

However, his euphoria doesn't last long, as his Imagine Breaker shatters something after they shook hands, leading to the woman breaking contact. Touma, surprised at what happened, just lets the woman go as she leaves in the hurry. Seiri later gets a call to help in the ball throwing competition, telling Touma to support their school as she leaves to do her duties. Touma later calls Motoharu, who is busy trying to find where the magician would be in, but Touma gives him a luck break. He tells Motoharu that he touched a woman who was not a student, and afterwards, his Imagine Breaker destroyed something. Touma later tells the details to him as he begins tailing her.

The woman, however, is not blind to not notice. She rips out a flashcard wherein writing begins appearing, revealing herself to be the magician, Oriana Thomson. With her magic, she contacts her employer, Lidvia Lorenzetti. She tells him that a problem has arisen as her insurance the "Silent Coin" spell has been destroyed and is being followed. Ending the call, Oriana reassures Lidvia that she will find a countermeasure. Touma later notices Oriana quickening her pace, leading to him to believe that she had noticed him. He gives chase and is later joined by Stiyl and Motoharu, which Oriana instantly notes as being professional just by the way they act. Eventually, Oriana decides to enter the maintenance facility for the Automated buses

Major Events

  • Touma meets Oriana Thomson, leading him, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, and Stiyl Magnus to chase after her.

Adapted From



New Abilities


New Locations

No new locations were introduced this chapter.


  • Lidvia asks Oriana to confirm to her if she had received the teachings of the Bible like her as well. Seeing as Ridovia is a nun, it hints to Oriana being a nun for the first time.


No references to previous media are introduced.

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • Where is Lidvia Lorenzetti hiding?
  • What is Oriana hiding in the board she is carrying?
  • What is Oriana's plan in going to the maintenance facility?


  • Seiri: "In the end, I put everything I had into this because I wanted to make fun memories with everyone"-to Touma.
  • Oriana: "It seems people lower their heads here in Japan as an apology for bumping into someone... rr would you prefer a kiss?"-to Touma.
  • Ridovia: "Please refrain from using such obscene expressions you also received the teachings of the Holy Bible, did you not? Nuns like ourselves are the brides of the Son of God, and incurring the crime of adultery by having relations with someone else..."-to Oriana.



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