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Shorthand, Part 2 (速記原典ショートハンド Shōtohando ②?) is the 71st chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on July 12, 2013. It details Touma and the other's attempts to prevent Oriana from causing harm during a Daihaseisai competition. What makes matters more complicated is that Touma meets Misaka Mikoto again along the way.


Motoharu and Touma hurry to get to the competition grounds; they know how many spectators are going to see the event, and the amount of cameras in the scene would ultimately decrease their chances of finding it without being seen. Motoharu also explains to Touma that the spell they are looking for can be as easily invoked by mere touch, which would make anyone inside the stadium a probable victim.

The only reason for them to save everyone is to infiltrate the event, and with Motoharu's clever tactic (which involves driving both of them into a pool of mud and asking the Anti-skill to let them in), they manage to successfully enter the event venue. Announcements are soon broadcast across the stadium, and much to Touma's horror, the school is up against Tokiwadai Middle School. As a certain fan-wielding girl remarks about the 10:1 battle incoming, Misaka Mikoto is perturbed to find out that among those students from Minamikawa Middle School is Touma. With Fukiyose Seiri announcing the start of the event, all hell breaks loose.

As Tokiwadai bombards the students from Minamikawa, Touma and Motoharu rush to participate. The game's objective is to fill baskets on top of massive poles while avoiding being hit by the defending team. Tokiwadai absolutely dominates the game. However, in spite of this, the girls are determined that none of their opponents will be harmed. Eventually, a ruckus among Minamikawa students causes the poles to topple onto one of the students from Tokiwadai. Touma senses what is going on, and with Motoharu's assist, saves the girl.

Then, as the poles came crashing on to her, a Railgun melts away the poles and averts the situation. There, Misaka Mikoto scolds Touma for participating (despite being from another school). Touma then sees what he and Motoharu are looking for - something taped into the pole just beside Mikoto, and asks her not to get involved, as it was too dangerous. In fact, Touma suspects that thing stuck on one of the poles is the Shorthand.

Soon, Seiri goes to Touma to investigate on what is going on, only for Touma to realize that on Seiri's hand, is the thing Touma is feared to hit anyone on the stadium: the Shorthand.

In an instant, a force knocks away Seiri from the pole where the Shorthand is placed, and a mysterious magic emerges from her body. Motoharu urges Touma to dispel the effects of magic to Seiri and after Touma manages to dispel Oriana's magic on Seiri, she is taken to a hospital for treatment. Mikoto and the other girls look on with puzzled eyes as Touma realizes something: that Oriana Thomson is not considerate of the damage she will inflict to others, and will do anything to complete her duty.

On that moment, Touma finally declares war against Oriana Thomson.

Major Events

  • Seiri becomes the first civilian victim of Oriana's operations.

Adapted From



New Abilities



  • Neither Wannai Kinuho nor Awatsuki Maaya appears in this event in the original novel and animated adaptation. Moreover, in this chapter they are not shown in the competition until after it was cancelled when Seiri was knocked out. However, both of them appear in the omake at the end of the chapter.


  • The boy that Oriana bumps into after escaping Touma, Motoharu, and Stiyl back in Chapter 70 appear in the first page.[1]
  • Mikoto mentions the Punishment Game, which she and Touma agreed to back in Chapter 66.[2]

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • Is Fukiyose Seiri going to be safe?


  • Mitsuko: "Ohohoho. It looks like the outcome has already been decided." -Mitsuko's pre-game swagger to the opposing school.
  • Touma: "Hey... Half of them already got taken down with every barrage. So a bunch of espers being capable of capturing the White House isn't just a rumor."-Touma on Tokiwadai Middle School wiping out the opposing team.
  • Mitsuko: "Letting one of our opponents get injured is a disgrace for us as a favorite of the Top 5. Although, that doesn't mean we're gonna hold back."
  • Seiri: "Really... Do you seriously... want me to take the Punishment Game that badly?" -To Touma after saving him from a falling pole.
  • Touma: "I get it now... Oriana Thomson. If this is your way of doing things... If you're going to drag innocent people into this, and you're watching while feeling absolutely nothing... So without a trace, I'm going to destroy that damn illusion of yours with my right hand!!" -said by Touma after Seiri is hurt by Oriana's spell.



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