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Shorthand, Part 4 (速記原典ショートハンド Shōtohando ④?) is the 73rd chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on September 12, 2013. It details Touma's first battle against Oriana Thomson.


Touma blames the Stab Sword for getting people hurt and is determined to destroy it. Oriana angers Touma, however, after callously pointing out that what she is doing is merely her job as it was the thing that her client entrusted her to do. Enraged, Touma rushes to Oriana while she prepares an ice wall to act as a diversion. Touma breaks through the ice, but faces a vortex of wind coming straight at him. Although slightly wounded by the vortex, he manages to dispel it; Oriana, though has another spell prepared for him: a sword made out of shadows. Oriana throws this to Touma, and watches as it explodes, throwing Touma off-balance. Oriana continues on her relentless streak of hitting Touma on the chin and in the stomach with the spells on her hand, and confidently comments on Touma's inability to stand up after her attacks. All the while, Touma wonders why she isn't using the spell that easily took down Motoharu because he was injured.

Oriana reveals the secrets of her Shorthand, how different spells come out depending on the color of the lettering and the words written on the flash card, as well as the angle she holds in her mouth. As such, she cannot use the same spell twice. Oriana admits that is her limit, but says that she will undaunted and will keep writing "grimoires" in Shorthand.

Oriana threatens Touma with Blade Crater, a spell which "would kill him if he moves", but this did not scare Touma. Instead, he keeps on stepping on the spell area. Oriana is forced to activate the spell prematurely, but Touma rushes to her in response, breaking through every defense she makes, and lands a punch in her face. The hit throws Oriana back, making her lose grasp of the package she was holding. Oriana soon stands, even teasing Touma with her breasts, and escapes, leaving Touma with her package. She then assures him that her spell would wear off after 20 minutes.

Touma makes contact to Stiyl, who orders him to destroy the Stab Sword with his right hand. As Motoharu recovers, Touma takes the time to examine the package Oriana is holding. He is shocked to find out that it does not contain Stab Sword; instead, an ice cream shop sign is the thing Oriana has been carrying all along.

On the other side of the world, Laura Stuart receives a shocking development from Charles Conder, the curator of the British Museum: the weapon called as Stab Sword does not exist. Charles explains that the tale behind Stab Sword is a tale that spiraled out of control and that the true identity of the sword is the Cross of St. Peter, Croce di Pietro, the cross used to crucify one of the Twelve Apostles.

Laura is alarmed by the new information; she realizes that when the trade is fulfilled, Academy City will cease to exist.

Major Events

  • The Stab Sword is revealed to be non-existent, to cover the identity of St. Peter's Cross.

Adapted From


New Characters




  • Oriana cannot use the same spell twice in her lifetime, due to the nature of her Shorthand grimoires.


Cultural References

  • The episode references St. Peter, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, and is central in the establishment of Roman Catholicism, and is often considered the Pope of the Church.
  • The British Museum is referenced.
  • St. Peter's Cross is an inverted Latin cross. According to tradition, Peter requested for him to be crucified in an inverted manner during his crucifixion, as he was unworthy of being crucified in the same manner as of Jesus Christ (upright).

Unanswered Questions

  • Where is the true St. Peter's Cross?
  • What is the power of St. Peter's Cross?
  • What are Oriana and Livia's plans?


  • Touma: "I have no idea about this Stabsword's value, if it can alter history to a certain extent or if it can change the world in a way... But there is one thing I understand, There is no denying that someone got hurt because of that thing. Because of his worthless result, I'm going to destroy it with this hand." -said to Oriana.
  • Oriana: "That was just foreplay. Are you done already?" -said to Touma after beating him down.
  • Oriana: "That is Onee-san's limit. I try the best I can, but even if a magician writes an unstable Original, it'll run him over and over again. Even as a magician or sorcerer, this is the limit of human abilities. But, that's why onee-san will always without stopping, continuing to write more grimoires. Even if it takes an hour at best or just a few seconds. Even in death. If I were to compromise now and stop here, it would feel like I've lost. So... Onee-san will continue for all eternity." -Oriana divulging the reason why she uses Shorthand to Touma.
  • Touma:Should I just give in to not be killed? If so, Oriana will just flee again After that, Stiyl can just pursue her. My opponent is a magic pro. If an amateur like me retires from battle, it might not even have any effect on the battle. Is that fine? Then, more unrelated people might be caught up in this. Is it really ok to leave it like that? Of course I, Kamijou Touma, can't possibly be satisfied with that!" -Touma determined to take down Oriana.



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