"Let's Take a Trip to Italy!" (イタリア旅行へ行こう! Itaria Ryokō e Ikō!?) is the 86th chapter of Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on October 12, 2014. It marks the start of the La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc also known as The Queen of the Adriatic Sea Arc.


Touma's streak of misfortune continues even after the Daihaseisai.

After the chaotic mess involving Oriana Thomson and Lidvia Lorenzetti, he finds himself in a number of unfortunate occurrences, he receives a headbutt from Seiri after her recovery, he was on the receiving end of Aisa's rubber ball she threw in her stay at the hospital, and he was kicked by Kuroko after being forced to accompany Mikoto at the folk dance event. Not to mention being used as a chewing toy by Index.

However, it seems that Lady Luck is still by her side, as he just won a trip to Northern Italy in one lottery he joined in. ...or so he thought. He has no passport.

He manages to think about his travel credentials back in his boarding room, and he thinks that since he doesn't remember traveling outside Japan, he should not have a passport to start. Although this thought was easily dispelled when he discovers his passport Index soon remembers having one as well, which surprises Touma as Index's name is actually Index. Arriving at the airport, Touma appears to be nervous in his trip to Italy, something that Index notices easily. Touma tries to follow Index's advice of keeping cool since it's just a trip overseas, but it seems that Index's clothes (especially those gigantic pins) will be a problem with the metal detectors. Touma is forced to flee with her to the shopping area 1.5 kilometers away while it is only less than half an hour before take-off. Index wears a blouse with a skirt and asks Touma what he thinks, to which he agrees that it looks good on her (mostly because it was in a 50% sale). 

With that, they go to Northern Italy. They arrive at Marco Polo International Airport, and are very excited for their trip. But first they must wait for the their tour bus, which never comes. Frustrated, they are forced to go to their own, with Index being the interpreter, as she knows Italian, though doesn't know how to read bus timetables. After some effort, they arrive at Chioggia. Index acts like the tour guide to Touma, telling him to relax and rely on her. 

She then begins to feel hungry with the many restaurants situated in the streets of Chioggia.

Then, after Touma just missed a few seconds of watching Index, she's gone.

What's worse is that Touma feels that he will be more lost than Index.

Soon, a resident of Chioggia speaks to Touma... in Italian. Touma is instantly lost in translation, forced to flip the pages of his Italian guidebook. Luckily for him, a familiar nun appears to help him: Orsola Aquinas.

The night before in Chioggia, a carriage carrying a familiar face is asked by the driver if "it" was going to start there. The girl says that it will indeed though it feels unfateful as she is from Milan. He tells her that he prefers the inland better, and that coming from there to the coasts is one of the charm points of his jobm, and that he is glad to be working in Italy. She replies that there are also many good places outside of the country. mentioning that last time she was in Japan, though she says she didn't have time to look around. And thus, they have arrived, and the girl who speaks is Agnese Sanctis, whose destination is the Queen of the Adriatic Sea.

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Major EventsEdit

  • The Daihaseisai concludes.
  • Touma goes to a trip to Northern Italy after winning a contest, and later meets Orsola Aquinas again in Venice.


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  • The chapter adapts the scene from the novels where Agnese is being rode in a carriage that the anime adaptation left out.


  • In Touma's flashback sequence mentioning the events that happened in Daihaseisai, shows him wearing a jacket that looks exactly like the one he wears on the second day of the Daihaseisai as shown in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga. Indeed, it is a reference to the climactic event of the arc where he is forced to fight a transformed Misaka Mikoto.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Touma and Index references several locations and information about both Venice and Chioggia.
  • Touma references the gondola, which is popularly used a way to carry tourists around Venice.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why is Agnese's robes tattered in a peculiar way?
  • What is the Queen's Fleet and the Queen of the Adriatic Sea?



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