"Orsola of Chioggia" (キオッジアのオルソラ Kiojjia no Orusora?) is the 87th chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on November 12, 2014.


In the dead of night, Lucia and Angelene manage to escape their captors. They are worried about Agnese being used by the Church, being judged and then cast aside. After picking up her wheel, they start running. However, both of them are then struck down, as their clothes have betrayed, making them feel pain if the pass a certain distance from the carriage. And then. another carriage pulls up and the two are taken away again.

Back in the present day, Orsola asks what Touma he was doing there, to which he says he won a vacation Italy, and he wonders what she's doing here as she lived in London. Orsola then says that that she has been living in Chioggia, while her conversion to the Church of England is processed, and she has been helped by people from Amakusa with regards to moving out. Touma then tells Orsola about Index, Orsola then notes how he sticks out like a sore thumb in Chioggia and might be targeted by people who would want to swindle him, and that he should come over and help her and the Amakusa move. He agrees to helping Orsola and coming to dinner, though he is still worried about Index. Orsola notes that Index may be lured in by the prospect of food.

Upon their arrival, Touma laments on being abandoned by Index for some gelato, and even thinking more on lunch than his condition. After excusing himself in, he notices the gaze of a certain person from the Amakusa, and notes how he sees a few familiar from them there. Orsola then prepares a hearty lunch was prepared for Index and Touma. Before they could start eating, one of the members of the Amakusa named Itsuwa hands Touma a hot towel. Although surprised at the gesture, Touma shows his thanks, and Itsuwa hurriedly walks back. Touma wonders if the Amakusa would join lunch soon. Orsola then tells him that they are undergoing training, and a strict diet is a part of it. With that, Index and Touma indulge themselves with food so delicious that Touma thinks this would be the best memory in this trip already. Back with Itsuwa, she is asked by her fellow Amakusa on how their plan went, to which one of them say it would be too early to tell. They then start talking about him, gauging if he truly is strong particularly because he is regarded as strong by their leader (not to mention fighting an army of nuns alone and unarmed, and escaping the wrath of Kanzaki Kaori). This leads to them declaring Touma as a monster, making him worried about his reputation. 

As they are eating, Touma and Index discuss with Orsola discuss what their vacation plans are gonna be. Here, they discuss the history of Venice as a country and how it was the enemy of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Orsola mentions her fascination with Venice as a believer and how beautiful the city is. With that Touma and Index decide to go to Venice tomorrow.

After the hearty lunch, the moving out continues. Many of Orsola's things are packed on a delivery truck while some members perform a general cleaning. Meanwhile, Index and Orsola get dirty from all the moving they've done, to which Orsola suggests they take a shower. As Touma finds himself wrapping the plates, he goes to look for Orsola for the newspapers he needs. He finds himself between two rooms, and the humming instantly gave away Index, who is taking a shower after getting herself soiled. However, there's also someone else in the other room. Touma is confused, not knowing which door to open. He assumes that there should be no two bathrooms in a house, and knowing that the sound of the shower comes from the left side, he goes straight into the right.

Touma's face slowly turns from fulfillment to outright shock at what he sees inside.

Orsola. Completely naked.

As Touma frantically leaves the scene, Index opens the door on the other side, startled by the blow dryer. Touma questions why there are somehow two bathrooms. Orsola says that she had the house remodeled and that the other is used for religious practices. This series of unfortunate events force Touma into a very uncomfortable situation, rewarding him with a bite from Index.

That night, Orsola's house is completely empty, and the delivery van where her possessions are has left to its new destination. Meanwhile, Orsola is left with Touma and Index. Orsola honestly tells them that she wants to bid farewell to Chioggia personally, and it might become too emotional for her. With that, Orsola prepares to part ways to Touma and Index.

However, Index instantly senses an incoming attack. Using Spell Intercept, she counters the attacks, while Touma, knowing that a magician is responsible, guards Orsola with his body. He narrowly evades the magician's attack and is on the alert for magicians.

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  • St. Catherine's Wheel - Lucia
  • Spell Intercept - Index

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  • Touma mentions Orsola giving her advice from the British Library back in chapter 80.[1]
  • The Amakusas mention various events in the past regarding Touma, including the Orsola Aquinas rescue mission. Urigami specifically mentions him declaring war on Agnese's battle nuns back in chapter 53. One of the Amakusa also mentions how Touma faced off against Kanzaki Kaori's sword with only his fist which occurred back in chapter 6.[2]

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  • Orsola mentions the vaporetto, the water bus of Venice.
  • The chapter discusses the history of Venice as a powerful city-state, and formation of Italy.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why did the Roman Catholic Church try to assassinate Orsola?


  • Orsola: "I wanted to bid farewell to Chioggia. And I don't really want to be seen during that. I might make some unseemly faces after all."-said to Touma after declining his invitation.


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