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Queen's Fleet, Part 1 (女王艦隊① Joō Kantai ①?) is the 88th chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga was released on December 12, 2014.


Someone grabs Touma's leg and drags him into the canal. Armed with a spear, the assailant tries to attack Orsola Index destroys the spear in time, while Touma lands strong punches on the enemy, knocking him unconscious. Touma asks Index about a long-distance enemy, but Index assures them that it will no longer attack, given the current situation. Plus, Spell Intercept has already hit its target. Soon, Index's assumption is confirmed when a man dressed in the clothes of the Roman Catholic Church struggles at a distance. He then jumps into the canal. At that moment, the water spouts of the canal and  the ground starts to tremble beneath their feet. As a large splash rocks the canal, a gigantic vessel similar to a medieval ship emerges. Orsola and Touma are separated from Index as the vessel rises to the surface. The two are forced to board the ship, which is then discovered by Touma to be made of ice. Then, the ship begins to drift, appearing to leave Chioggia with an unknown destination.

Orsola and Touma are then forced to hide when a small group of Roman Catholic priests order a search throughout the ship, apparently to locate their whereabouts. Touma realizes that at this rate, bailing from the ship will eliminate their chances of survival, so they decide to hide for the meantime.

Inside one of the cabins inside the boat, Orsola wonders why a huge ship is even necessary to attack them earlier. Touma also notices that their enemy might also be Roman Catholics and it might be regarding The Book of the Law. However, Orsola denies that, as she knows that what happened related to The Book of the Law should be resolved by that time. Soon, they are startled by the sound of an explosion. As they peek into the window in the cabin, they are shocked to see what unfolds outside: ships similar to the one they boarded rising to the sea, creating a fleet of ships made of ice.

All of a sudden, the door of the cabin suddenly turns, and Touma, thinking that it might be the enemy, frantically covers Orsola and reaches for the door, only to see a small girl wearing a peculiar-looking dress...

Agnese Sanctis.

Touma gets the surprise of his life upon seeing Agnese in front of him, and what's more surprising for him is how he was punched by Agnese upon seeing him. Fortunately, Orsola manages to stop Agnese from continuing on her assault. Agnese admits that she is part of the team tasked with searching for the intruders; she did not know that it was Orsola and Touma who were the intruders. Agnese decides to use the opportunity to propose a deal with the two intruders. However, it requires the two to follow Agnese's demands, or risk being exposed.

Meanwhile, back in Chioggia. As expected, the Ice Ship appearing out of the canal has caused an uproar with the locals. Index quickly recognizes deduces that what happened involved the Queen's Fleet and the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, and that the Roman Catholic Church might be involved. Index believes Orsola and the Amakusa Church might be involved and quickly runs off as she has no magic on her own, she cannot face the Queen of the Adriatic Sea all alone.

Adapted From

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 11

Major Events

  • An assassination was attempted on Orsola, though it was thwarted; she is later dragged into an ice ship along with Touma.
  • Ice Ships start to appear from the sea and mobilize.
  • Touma meets Agnese Sanctis again



New Abilities


New Locations



Unanswered Questions

  • Why did the Roman Catholic Church try to assassinate Orsola, even though the problems regarding the Book of the Law have been solved?
  • Why can't Touma negate the Ice Ship?
  • Why are there a fleet of Ice Ships, and where are they going?
  • Why is Agnese in the ship?
  • Why is she wearing a different dress?
  • Where is Index going?


  • Agnese: "You're better off not testing my humor, that is if you want to know how to escape from the Queen's Fleet."-to Touma and Orsola.



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