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"Lambs Heading for a Hill" (子羊達は丘を目指す Kohitsuji-tachi wa Oka wo Mezasu?) is the 123rd chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on January 12, 2018.

In response to the defeat of Vento of the Front in Academy City, Terra of the Left, another member of God's Right Seat, initiates a worldwide series of protests against Academy City. Kamijou Touma is reminded of these events occurring all over the world while returning to his typical school life in A Certain High School.


At St. Peter's Square, Pope Matthai Reese and Acqua of the Back stumble upon Terra of the Left drinking wine near a fountain. Acqua expected him to drink more expensive brands, while Matthai is worried about the image of a member of God's Right Seat drinking on Vatican's square. Terra, however, focused more on the necessity of drinking wine—a symbol of the blood of God and a food based on the fruits of the earth—in order to use something that's considered "using the Roman Catholic Church's numbers to their advantage".

Immediately, protests against Academy break out in Toulouse and Dortmund. At the same time, the Interceptor Show takes place in Academy City's School District 3. Yomikawa Aiho, in charge of demonstrating the use of Powered Suits, laments about the experience of being inside a cumbersome suit, but the topic immediately shifts to the news of anti-Academy City protests around the world. Somehow she and a colleague considered that the Interceptor Show was a response to the intensifying protests, and someone might have predicted its outbreak.

At A Certain High School, Oyafune Suama talks to Kamijou Touma, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Aogami Pierce and Fukiyose Seiri after seeing a commotion between the four earlier. To her shock, the commotion broke out because of an argument over which type of bunny girl is better, and Seiri simply tried to quiet the three boys down. As punishment, the four are assigned to remove the weeds from the area behind the school gym after school. Motoharu and Aogami escaped their punishment, leaving Touma and Seiri to do the weeding chores. However, their talk about the cancelled midterm exam and Touma's bluffs eventually distracts Seiri enough to challenge Touma to a game of catch (a glimpse of Seiri's panties).

Meanwhile, as Suama worries about how dealing with Touma and his friends seems to have unsettled her well-maintained looks, Tsukuyomi Komoe arrives at the faculty room and Suama immediately wonders about any beauty regiments she uses on her youthful skin. Later, the talk about Touma reminds her of the weeding chore, and she checks up on Touma and Seiri, only to be hit by one of Seiri's stray fork balls. Suama would storm off and is horrified to see herself dirty. In haste, she tries changing her clothes at once, only to be seen by Touma while stripping down her hosiery. Komoe would later see Touma running away while Suama rains down math tools on Touma.

Later that afternoon, Touma sees Misaka Mikoto by Vending Machine 7116. After failing to escape her presence, Touma is then confronted by Mikoto about an e-mail she sent to him earlier. A quick scan of his phone reveals that Touma has her mother's number, and Mikoto immediately questioned her mother by phone about it.

Soon, Mikoto overhears a blimp showing news of anti-Academy City protests spreading to America's west coast, and the news reminds Mikoto of the 0930 Incident. Touma is also worried about the situation, but he has little options and just as many problems to think about. Then, after a quick visit to the grocery, she bumps on an elderly lady who suddenly puts him at gunpoint.

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  • This chapter was released after a two issue hiatus.
  • Kamijou Touma saved Aogami Pierce's phone number as AOP.
  • In tankōbon, Shutaura's mobile weapon and Object-like weapon is shown in the Interceptor Show.




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