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"Avignon, Part 3" (アビニョン③ Abinyon ③?) is the 127th chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, released on May 11, 2018.


In the Tower of London, away from the eyes of tourists and normal people, Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis are in secret place in the tower hidden from everyone else's sights. Agnese wonders if the religious nobles they have will actually talk, to which Stiyl informs Agnese to watch him how Necessarius conducts business. With that they enter the room. There, Lidvia Lorenzetti and is locked up in the Tower alongside Biagio Busoni. Stiyl demands to know from them information about the God's Right Seat but Biagio just shows his defiance to Stiyl, not wanting to give anything up. However, Stiyl counters this by stating that they have many ways his order can acquire information from them without having them alive. He tells them that they can resist but their death would be pointless.

Lidvia then speaks. She tells Stiyl that they too do not care for trivial things such as that as well, but asks what is happening outside. To which Stiyl says that she can make a guess on what was happening outside: riots and chaos around the world, and a looming threat of war between the Roman Catholic Church and Academy City. Lidvia's expression faltered, as she cared for the weak as they were the ones Lidvia reached out to. However, Biagio can only give a harrumph at the situation. Lidvia then says something which shocks and then irritates Biagio, have her companions in the tower released in exchange for what she knows. Stiyl does not yield, and in response to this, Lidvia with simple chanting has the Roman Catholic Church cross Agnese Sanctis has in her person to allow her to escape from her bonds. Using the metal that had broken off from her bonds, Lidvia threatens, and in turn, he threatened her with his rune card. Despite this, Lidvia still continues to demand from Stiyl, this time that they release Oriana Thomson, though he questions if she is in any position to demand that. Agnese having recovered from the shock, readies her weapon with her, the Lotus Wand, but Stiyl signed her not to interfere. Stiyl then tells her that Oriana has already negotiated with the Church of England and that their minds have been preoccupied with the same thoughts, to help the weak in the dark days ahead. Hearing this, Lidvia lays down her attack. Sitting down, she now confides to them the secret of the God's Right Seat.

Regarding them, Lidvia says that they are a group working to obtain victory over Original Sin, surprising both Agnese and Stiyl. As Lidvia mentions that there is someone who does not have the original, which is the Virgin Mary, her sin being erased to allow her to give birth to the Son of God which is called the Immaculate Conception. Lidvia says that their trick in reducing their original sin to as little  as possible allows God's Right Seat to use spells that angels can use but not human spells. This is because the Original Sin is the Tree of Knowledge so in essence they can no longer use spells that magicians use.  Stiyl then asks if God's Right Seat's goal is to erase original sin, but Lidvia then starts laughing that their objective is laid bare from the start: God's Right Seat is what they want to be.

Back in Avignon, Touma realizes he is dealing with God's Right Seat, the group that had Vento of the Front and Acqua of the Back as its members. Terra of the Left introduces himself and says that since he could not use normal magic he had to have someone else use the Document of Constantine. Meanwhile, Itsuwa sees her supplies on the floor, specifically the handle to her spear. With a kick, she immediately reassembles her Friulian Spear and readies for battle. Terra of the Left simply smiles and starts forming his own weapon so he can kill some time. And then he swings it, destroying the wall of the museum. Terra of the Left swings his blade once again, but this time Touma intercepts it with his Imagine Breaker, dissipating it into a fine white powder. Seeing this, Terra of the Left realizes that he is dealing with the Imagine Breaker, the same one who gave Vento of the Front. Suddenly, the ceiling is about to collapse, forcing Touma and Itsuwa to escape the building, while Terra of the Left.

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Major Events

  • Oriana Thomson makes a deal with the Anglican Church so that she and Lidvia can continue helping the weak
  • Touma and Itsuwa determine that their attacker, Terra of the Left is a member of God's Right Seat.


By order of appearance:

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  • Lidvia's Italian incantation can be translated as: "St. Peter eludes the Emperor and the Magician's traps." referencing both Emperor Nero of Rome, regarded in Christian tradition as the emperor when Peter was crucified, as well as Simon Magus which in one tradition had him confront St. Peter with his magic.

Cultural References

  • The Tower of London is seen in this chapter.
  • The chapter references things from the Book of Genesis and Christian tradition when discussing God's Right Seat's plans, specifically Adam and Eve being tempted to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and original sin.
  • When discussing God's Right Seat's unique ability to diminish their original sin, the Virgin Mary's lacking of any original sin in order to conceive Jesus Christ, the Immaculate Conception, is referenced.
  • The special property of being in the right hand of God or right seat of God is discussed as God's Right Seat's goal.


No referbacks were made in this chapter.


  • Stiyl: "Necessarius' objective is clear. We wish to save the lost lambs who have been swallowed up by the overwhelming power of magic."--to Lidvia regarding his objective.



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